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Veritas Officer's Manual

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===III: Operating Procedures===
*'''Chapter 7: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Staff}}'''::Who are the ship's staff and what do they do?*'''Chapter 8: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Missions}}'''
::What to do
*'''Chapter 89: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Shoreleave}}'''
::What exactly is it?
*'''Chapter 910: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Mission Proposals}}'''
::How to turn your idea into a proposal
===IV: Beyond the Basics===
*'''Chapter 1011: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Promotions}}'''
::Guide to advancement
*'''Chapter 1112: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|OOC Activities}}'''
::Things to do outside of simming
*'''Chapter 1213: {{s|Veritas Officer's Manual|Mentoring}}'''
::Help welcome newcomers

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