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Lael Rosek/Logs

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|RANK = Lt. Commander
|IMAGE = RosekFirstOfficer.png|10|10|1.2
|TITLE = First Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239605.27 |LOG=Shortly after arriving at Karraka, we discovered that Lenik had taken control of a freighter, the SS Belfast, in place of his own Miran’s Tifar, the remnants of which were discovered crashed on the planet. While the team separated to scan for survivors, I was targeted by Lenik’s group and taken hostage. He wanted the code to gain control of the Montreal, but I was able to prevent him from getting it. However, in a most unfortunate turn of events, Lenik set the Belfast on a collision course with the planet and we were forced to sacrifice the Montreal to prevent a disaster of astronomical proportions. If we’d failed, it would have devastated the Shoals and the Federation for years to come.  In light of the Montreal’s destruction, Commander Mei’konda has been summoned for a court-martial. Though I understand it’s standard procedure when a ship is destroyed, it’s more difficult when it’s someone you’ve worked with day in and day out for nearly two years. I’ve provided my name and contact information to the officer representing Mei in case there's a need for a character testimony.
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*'''Rank''': Lieutenant Commander
*'''Duty Post''': First Officer

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