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Ben Burns

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|BIRTHPLACE = Pennsylvania, Earth
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'''Ben Burns''' was is currently serving as a '''Security Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Columbia}} until 239605.15. He was expelled for lack of activity.
* '''Height''': 160cm (5'3)
* '''Weight''': 52kg (115lbs)
* '''Hair''': Dark Blonde
* '''Eyes''': Brown
* '''Build''': Short, Slim, Athletic
* Introvert
* Pessimist
* Predictable
* Loyal
* Gawky
* Tends to be nervous
* Has an affinity for animals
* Temporal Mechanics
* Weapons Manufacture
* Weapons Operations
* Weapons Technology
* Battle Tactics
* History
* Running
* Programming
* [[Sanara PranPholin Duyzer]]Pholin has been a friend of Ben’s since he arrived on the ship. He was one of the first friend, to welcome him aboard. Pholin has given Ben great advice and superior officer, on the ColumbiaBen knows that he can trust Pholin with just about anything.

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