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|NO LINK=T'Shol G'Renn
|BLURB=While certainly a Vulcan behaviorally, Anath has never forgotten what she has inherited from her father and often reflects upon his old Klingon sayings and stories of being a field medic.
|NO LINK=Lyras
|BLURB=Anath's relationship with her mother is very strong, despite Anath being forced to provide enough emotional investment for them both. Anath adopted many of her mother's habits that her siblings did not, such as her early adoption of vegetarianism. The general lack of emotional experience Lyras possesses can make find empathizing with her emotionally turbulent daughter difficult, but she has adapted as best she can to the unique social consequences of Anath's mixed Klingon and Vulcan natures.
|NO LINK=Jolash G'Renn
|BLURB=The relationship between Jolash and her little sister Anath has always been a complicated dynamic, with several high and low points throughout their lives. Sometimes entirely inseparable. Distant and cold at other times. Occasionally actively hostile towards one another. However, the two siblings have always managed to put aside whatever differences are plaguing them at any given moment when one is in need of needs the other's support and understanding. The two remain close.
|NO LINK=Alexa Kennedy
|BLURB=Alexa Kennedy is Anath's absentee best friend, semi-sibling, and fellow Starfleet officer and a friend since childhood. The daughter of two Starfleet officers, Alexa moved to Vulcan at age five with her parents' reassignments and quickly made friends with Anath due to their in school. They shared plight of being non-Vulcan children among an overwhelmingly Vulcan peer group. Alexa's choice to join Starfleet prompted Anath to follow suit and study medicine a room at Starfleet the Academy. , and Alexa was assigned elsewhere in Starfleet as an engineering officer, engineer but remains in regular contact with Anath.
Savok is the child of one of Lyras’ biologist co-workers. The two would often spend time together, and he helped Anath with her studies in botany. Savok used to serve as a member of the research staff at the Vulcan Science Academy. However, he has recently transferred to the USS Blackwell as a civilian researcher. As well as being Anath's friend, the two were betrothed as children in the Vulcan tradition. He is now a researcher on the USS Blackwell.
* Vulcan: Learned during her childhood. The language that Anath uses by default.
* Klingon:Learned during her childhood. She has used to have some trouble with the ‘Q’ and ‘H’ sounds.

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