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Crew of the USS Constitution-B


Lieutenant Zeylinn

Lieutenant Zeylinn, Ph. D. (Federation Basic: [zelin]) (she/her) is currently serving as a telepathic therapist aboard the USS Constitution-B. She graduated from the Academy and was posted to Starfleet Medical as a researcher on Stardate 238007.12. She is an Aenar zhen from the planet Andoria and was born on Stardate 234712.19.


  • Full Name: Zeylinn
  • Other Names: Zee
  • Species: Aenar
  • Gender: Zhen
  • Date of Birth: December 18th, 2347
  • Birthplace: Laibok, Andoria
  • Telepathic Status: T4/E4 (Baseline) T6/E6 (Experimental)


  • Height: 166 cm (5’5’’)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Gray (Cloudy)
  • Build: Curvy
  • Birthmarks/Scars: Burns on her back and right shoulder from ice bores
  • Handedness: Left-Handed
  • Taste in Clothing (off duty): Fur-lined Aenar clothing and veil, largely in white and similar neutral tones. Zeylinn puts little thought into the aesthetics of her outfits. Given her duties, she tends to wear civilian clothing while conducting therapy sessions.


Personality Type: ESFJ (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging)


  • Mannerisms: While she utilizes her empathic abilities freely to help navigate, Zeylinn only applies her more powerful telepathy with express permission. She will usually ask when she first meets someone if they are comfortable with her reading their thoughts. For those who she interacts with regularly, she will ask separately if they are comfortable being always open with their minds or would prefer she ask during each interaction.
  • Routines: Zeylinn is a natural explorer. In new environments, she loves to wander and get acquainted with the space. All of the computer systems that she interacts with are customized. She uses tactile interfaces and custom sound cues as opposed to voice controls. Talking to something that gives off no empathic signature is very unsettling. Zeylinn prefers to be around people as often as possible. The basic empathic feeling she instinctively senses off of people reminds her of the collective mind of the Aenar.
  • Speech Patterns: Zeylinn’s voice is soft and difficult to understand, mostly due to being rarely used. Depending on the specific demands of her schedule she can go days without speaking aloud. Her telepathic “voice” is described as a much louder and melodic version of her speaking voice. Projecting her thoughts has always been her preferred form of communication.
  • Carriage and Posture: Except when the need arises, she carries herself slowly and deliberately. Just because her other senses more than make up for her blindness, a lack of visual stimuli can still present dangers like tripping hazards that she might otherwise miss.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Favorite Book: Aenar folk tales (Stories told aloud by her mother)
  • Favorite Color: None, although she does adopt the typical white and neutral tone design aesthetic of her people.
  • Favorite Food: Andorian tuber roots with cabbage soup
  • Hobbies: Observing people, listening to music, cycling, Zabathu riding, sharing meals or drinks with colleagues, ice-sculpting
  • Fears: The slow death of her people, being alone, getting lost in the wilderness
  • Pet Peeves: Soulless computers, the environmental systems being too hot

Quarters and Workspaces

  • Quarters: Zeylinn has quarters on Deck 10 of the USS Constitution-B. She requested quarters close to a center of the ship’s social life and was placed in close proximity to the Saloon. Her quarters are mostly white, meticulously laid out, and spartan. She has a bed, a tactile computer interface, some communal seating, and a few of her ice carvings. Zeylinn normally keeps the environmental controls close to Andorian temperatures.
  • Therapist’s Office: In the Counseling Offices on Deck 9 of the USS Constitution-B, Zeylinn has a session room where she conducts both individual and group telepathic therapy. With the help of others, she has designed the office’s visual to be calming but unobtrusive and not distracting. The room is kept somewhat cold but still within the tolerance of most Federation species compared to Andorian temperatures.

Prized Possessions

  • Aenar music box: A gift given to Zeylinn when visiting Laibok, the Aenar city of her birth. It is programmable with any song library that can be played on the music box’s internal mechanisms.
  • Zabathu saddle: Zeylinn has her own saddle for Zabathu riding that she brings with her rather than use someone else’s saddle. A good rider knows the value of their own personal saddle.
  • Elsann-tor: While she detests weapons, Zeylinn does own a ritual ice-carver’s knife that she uses for making ice sculptures.
  • Bicycle: Zeylinn has a custom bicycle built with extra safety features to accommodate her difficulties. It utilizes components from an anti-gravity harness to slow the bike in case of an imminent collision or catch Zeylinn if she falls off the bike (a likely outcome).
  • Andorian silk graduation gown: When Zeylinn graduated from the University of Sheras, her shreva gifted her a graduation gown made from Andorian silk. It is one of her few bright and colorful articles of clothing, but one that she treasures for sentimental reasons and wore to her graduation party after graduating from Starfleet Academy.


Family Background

Zeylinn was born to four Aenar bondmates in the Anear city of Laibok. She has very little memory of her other parents, not even knowing their names. All she can recall is their telepathic presence in her mind. She is only familiar with her zhavey, Iseva. Iseva was an Aenar zoologist born on stardate 232304.11. Iseva was one of the few Aenar to regularly journey to the surface of the Northern Wastes that they lived below. Her love of exploring the tunnels and the surface above would be the eventual cause of her and her child’s separation from the other Aenar. Despite her future visits to the Aenar settlements in the north, Zeylinn has never made an effort to reach out to her birth family, and her zhavey is hesitant to speak about them.

Early Childhood

Like all Aenar, Zeylinn developed strong telepathic and empathic senses shortly after her birth. This was the primary way that she learned to navigate her environment. While the Aenar do have advanced hearing and other senses to compensate for a lack of eyesight, she used empathic signatures and empathic and telepathic residue to get around her world. Most of her early years are only hazy memories. She spent most of her time in the comfortable underground city of Laibok, surrounded by the collective mind of the Aenar community. For the first five years of her life, Zeylinn spoke aloud no more than a dozen times. When Zeylinn was five, she and Iseva journeyed through some of the lesser-used side tunnels up to the surface to collect migration data on packs of icebats. A large colony of ice bores surprised them, causing severe burns to both zhavey and child and causing the poorly-maintained tunnel to collapse with their heat. Iseva and Zeylinn got lost in the Northern Wastes and tried to get help. However, without the ability to precisely locate them, the Aenar decided it was too dangerous to risk more of their kind in a “fruitless” rescue mission.

Rescue by the Andorians

The pair would have died if not for Andorian Park Ranger Kohl th'Ava. He was patrolling the Northern Wastes and came across the near-frozen Aenar. He evacuated them to the ranger station on the coast of the La’Len Ocean and called for rescue. Iseva, disgusted by being written off so easily, requested her rescuer’s help finding a place in Andorian society rather than going back to the Aenar. Kohl offered to allow them to stay in his family’s guest room for a few weeks at their home in Lar’vela while he helped them make arrangements. This temporary living arrangement became more permanent as the Ava family and their Aenar guests began to make connections. Iseva had always been fascinated by her Andorian cousins and took little time to adjust to speaking aloud and living in a world built for those with conventional sight and no telepathy. After a year, Kohl and his spouses asked Iseva to join their bond. She accepted, and became an official member of the family along with Zeylinn.

Unlike Iseva, Zeylinn had much more trouble adapting to Andorian life. She had grown used to the Aenar collective mind and communicating telepathically. Zeylinn rarely spoke aloud, something that hampered some relationships with her new family for years. Zeylinn’s new charan and shi were the most open to her unique way of communicating, while other members of the family were less receptive. While she always kept one foot both in the world of the Aenar and the Andorians, Zeylinn did learn how to make friends and eventually live a relatively normal life in most aspects.

Aenar, Andorian, Telepath, Trailblazer

As a teenager, Zeylinn’s parents decided to allow her to visit Laibok and meet the Aenar. Zeylinn had only fuzzy memories of her people and the frequently-repeated story of how they had left them to die. Still, she endeavored to enter the reunion with an open mind. Among the Aenar, she found a sense of belonging and community that she had been sorely lacking in Andorian society. She found the Aenar way of communication much more natural. While she didn’t fully forgive the lack of a rescue for her and her mother, she came to understand just how perilous a situation the Aenar were in.

Back home, Zeylinn’s appraisal of the Aenar had a mixed reception. Not all of her parents were happy with her coming away from the experience more interested in her Aenar heritage. However, none of them would stand in the way of her regularly visiting the Aenar underground cities to discover who she really was. During one of these visits, she met a team of doctors who specialized in Aenar telepathy and treating ailments related to it. She learned about a form of telepathic therapy where seasoned telepaths could link with a distressed subject and help guide their recovery through the link between their minds.

Zeylinn was already considering a potential career in mental health. She applied to the University of Sheras to study mental health and behavioral therapy. While not engaged in coursework, she would split her time between Lar’vela with her family and the north pole with the Aenar. She studied with Aenar telepaths and learned that she had potent telepathic abilities, even by the standards of the Aenar. She practiced this ability regularly. After earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in behavioral health, she entered a doctoral program in mental health. Her dissertation discussed the potential benefits of telepathic therapy and was well-received. Looking for a venue where she could research her approach, she brought the idea to her charan, a commodore at Starfleet Medical. He saw great promise in the idea and encouraged her to become a researcher with Starfleet.

Joining Starfleet

Zeylinn applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted, entering the counseling program. After graduation, her charan ensured that she became a researcher at Starfleet Medical, working with the Psychological Health department. After proving her worth as a researcher, she was able to pitch her idea to Starfleet Medical. While hesitant, the higher-ups believed the idea had potential. Zeylinn worked with a team of researchers from other worlds where telepathy was common, including Vulcan, Betazed, and Ullia. The research was mostly conducted from the Starfleet Medical Research Annex on Andoria.

In addition to her work as a cadet and a researcher, Zeylinn served as a surrogate for both Andorian and Aenar families without a zhen. She knew all about the steep decline in both the Andorian and especially the Aenar population. She even partially blamed the desperate state of the Aenar population for the decision to leave her and Iseva to die rather than risk more lives to launch a rescue. Between 2372 and 2383 she carried five children. This did cause some slow-downs in the pace of research, but she continued with her work throughout.

After a decade of research and trials, Starfleet Medical gave its blessing to Aenar telepathic therapy to be used with patients. However, Zeylinn remained assigned to Starfleet Medical and mainly worked with patients who had specific issues with telepathy. She worked on cases of Bendii Syndrome and Pa’nar Syndrome with Dr. T’Kel. She also worked with a science officer from the USS Blackwell who had difficulty recovering from a virus that caused telepathic sufferers to lose control of their abilities. During this time, she continued her work with Dr. T’Kel to supplement her own abilities with Vulcan techniques and teaching him Aenar techniques that he could utilize through mind melds.

Field-Testing Telepathic Therapy

In late 2400, Zeylinn was allowed to test the effectiveness of telepathic therapy in the field aboard a starship outside of specific afflictions related to telepaths. After much discussion the USS Constitution-B was chosen as the ship where Zeylinn would first be assigned to supplement the ship’s counseling department. She boarded a transport headed for the Marchlands, eager for the next step in her career.



Zhavey (Mother)

Iseva is Zeylinn’s zhavey. She was closest with Zeylinn out of the four parents. She worked as a zoologist studying the native creatures of the northern ice cap. One of those trips outside saw her and Zeylinn get lost in the Northern Wastes after a swarm ice bores collapsed a tunnel and burned them both. Iseva felt disheartened that the Aenar couldn’t risk a search party and was happy to bring her daughter with her to the Andorian world. She insisted that Zeylinn understand both cultures and decide where she belonged for herself.


Zora sh'Ava
Shreva (Step-Mother)

Zora is a lieutenant in the Andorian Imperial Guard and the parent Zeylinn has the most strained relationship with. She is a very proud Andorian and wanted her Aenar step-child to grow up like any traditional Andorian. For the longest time she would not respond to Zeylinn unless she spoke aloud and was the strictest of her parents. It wasn’t until Zeylinn was a teenager did Zora accept that she would never be a typical Andorian and embraced Zeylinn for who she was. The bold tactical officer and pacifist counselor are still learning to embrace each other for who they are.


Kohl th'Ava
Thavan (Step-Father)

Zeylinn’s thavan rescued her and Iseva when they were stranded in the Northern Wastes. He welcomed them into the Andorian world and soon fell in love with Iseva. She was welcomed into their family and Zeylinn became their step-child. He loves the outdoors and has instilled a love of adventure and the outdoors in all of his children. He doesn’t treat Zeylinn like she is fragile or disadvantaged because of her blindness.


Kysohr ch'Ava
Charan (Step-Father)

Commodore Kysohr ch’Ava is a Senior Research Director at Starfleet Medical and was often absent for stretches of time. Of Zeylinn’s non-Aenar parents, Kysohr was the most comfortable with her telepathy and gave her blanket permission to communicate with him telepathically whenever she wished. He also encouraged her interest in Aenar telepathic therapy and pitched the idea to Starfleet Medical and Counseling Services for study.


Rybol th’Ava
Thi (Step-Brother)

Rybol thought Zeylinn was always weird and found her telepathy invasive and strange. As such, they rarely spoke. He opened up to her very slowly, mostly at the insistence of Sarias. Even still, the relationship between the two is somewhat icy. He has never given her permission to look into his mind and has only ever spoken to her out loud.


Sarias sh’Ava
Shi (Step-Sister)

Sarias, only two years older than Zeylinn, took much more liking to the new Aenar in the family than her thi did. She had wanted a sister and, after some initial discomfort, got used to both hearing Zeylinn’s thoughts in her head and letting the Aenar read her thoughts in return. She introduced Zeylinn to Zabathu riding and helped her make friends at school.


Various Children

Given the extreme decline in population on Andoria, Zeylinn signed up to be a surrogate for both Aenar and Andorian families where the zhen could not safely carry the child or was otherwise unavailable. She keeps in contact with the families she assisted and does feel a connection to the children she helped carry, but trusts their care primarily to those families. She was more involved during their early childhood when they were first born.



Dr. T’Kel is a Vulcan psychologist and Kolinahr master who took an early interest in Zeylinn’s theories and Aenar therapy methods. He equated it to Vulcan mind melds and other advanced telepathic techniques. In addition to their work developing a new treatment protocol, T’Kel provided Zeylinn with training to push her already impressive telepathic and empathic senses even further and into the range of reading non-humanoids.



  • Graalen: Learned during her childhood.


  • Graalen (Aenar Dialect): Learned partially during her childhood and later during her trips to the Aenar cities in the north.


  • Federation Standard: Learned at Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Records

Service History and Service Ribbons

Starfleet Service History
DS9style-cadet4 teal.png
Cadet First Class 238007.12 Graduated Starfleet Academy Counseling Cadet
DS9style-ens teal.png
Ensign 238007.12 - 238401.13 Starfleet Medical Researcher
DS9style-ltjg teal.png
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 238401.13 - 239004.21 Starfleet Medical Researcher
DS9style-lt teal.png
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 239004.21 - 239507.18 Starfleet Medical Researcher
DS9style-lt teal.png
Lieutenant 239507.18 - 240012.21 Starfleet Medical Telepathic Therapist
DS9style-lt teal.png
Lieutenant 240012.21 - Present USS Constitution-B Telepathic Therapist
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239603.09
Starfleet Academy
Awarded upon graduation from Starfleet Academy.

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