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file:Tonilg.png|Nugra's Captain and Friend.
file:Tindall.jpg|Friend and Resident troublemaker.
file:KajiimageKaji2395.jpg|[[Rodulan]] telepath with a penchant for trouble.
file:Selene_Faranfey.png|A woman from a terrifying future who became a staunch friend.
file:LtCmdrSundassa.jpg|Met as a cadet trained her, and became fast friends no matter the distance.
=== {{n|Jalana|Rajel}} ===
Though space and time have kept them apart, they have been close friends since meeting aboard the {{USS|Apollo|A}} for Sundassa Faranfey's promotion party. The young Trill had impressed Nugra with not only her bravery to talk to him but thea mount the amount of questions she had. Since then, they have talked to each other over subspace with Nugra giving her a Vss'Kot dagger in honor of her command of the {{USS|Constitution|B}} and her gift of jestral tea.

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