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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Tribbles and Strife

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Act III: Bald Tribbles?
! style="background:#FADA5E;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990123 msg/sb118-ops/oBvRSJtlz7M/4AgaojtEEgAJ Goodbye Tribble Brick Road]
| As the civilians are cleared from the quarantine areas, marines deploy tribble-locating equipment to clean up the last of the weaponized tribbles
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990171 msg/sb118-ops/YAgO4YOLZj0/wDnB9WSHEgAJ I Love the Smell of Klingon in the Morning!]
| Using synthesized Klingon pheremones and state of the art equipment, the tribble containment is complete
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990136 msg/sb118-ops/tXHIxP_-eyQ/1tNxdxxTEgAJ Loose Ends]
| As Malinov flees the Starbase, we get a peek at the masterminds behind the weaponized tribbles and their plans.
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990443 msg/sb118-ops/XLGKKD1ilkY/f6cDX63dEwAJ The Tribble With the Dragon Tattoo]
| What does a Starbase do with several thousand bald tribbles? Tattoo them and sell them as exotic pets, of course!
! style="background:#FADA5E;" colspan="2"|Award Ceremony Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990895 msg/sb118-ops/YT8IN0Bwi6Y/qtlLxTqrFgAJ What's In The Box]
| The Tribbles and Strife Mission Awards Ceremony

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