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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Tribbles and Strife

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Act II: Who In Their Right Mind Weaponizes Tribbles?
! style="background:#FADA5E;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1989744 msg/sb118-ops/sxjngf9whlk/O3FPzkJEEAAJ Tremendously Toxic Tribble Torment]
| StarBase 118's Paladin's marine force are called in to contain... tribbles
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1989877 msg/sb118-ops/lSkIPmb-z50/d3c-QoXaEAAJ Dang Dirty Tribbles]
| An overview of the containment effort
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1989962 msg/sb118-ops/Ov5A6f9uhj4/rAce-1NNEQAJ In Deep Tribble]
| Boris Malinov tries to escape from a plan gone horribly wrong

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