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The animal form Hinji can take is not chosen by them, but passed on genetically. The children of two uroc (Foxes) for example would always be uroc themselves.<br><br>
The shifting process has been a mystery to Starfleet Scientists since First Contact. Theories to explain the process have been posed, one of them has been provided by [[Choi Ji-hu]] Engineering Officer of the USS Constitution-B. In his theory, Hinji don't transform but have two distinct states (humanoid and animal) and an inherent quantum power over which of those two states is observed. According to this theory when a Hinji shifts from human to animal they usually discard anything they're wearing, and vice versa, especially dependent on size. In discussions with a couple of people, we figured that Hinji who prefer their animal states would obviously not have much of a problem with being mostly naked, and would probably find the idea of clothes for non-survival purposes bizarre. Read the whole paper: [[Raining quantum cats and dogs: quantum collapse and Hinji "shapeshifting"]]
===Hinji Subspecies===
When Hinji undergo their transformation they take on the appearance of a number of different animals native to their homeworld. The Federation has observed several subspecies of Hinji:
*Woodland Bellower - a giant bear-like creature with antlers splaying forth from the top of his head
*Common Canis - a range of dog-like creatures, one of the more common of Hinji forms
*Uroc - a fox-like creature with a bushy red tail capped with a tuft of silver fur
*Ombro - a rare animal and even rarer form for Hinji to take, a small leopard-like creature with white and brown spot-dappled fur and large, expressive eyes

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