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*Uroc - a fox-like creature with a bushy red tail capped with a tuft of silver fur
*Ombro - a rare animal and even rarer form for Hinji to take, a small leopard-like creature with white and brown spot-dappled fur and large, expressive eyes
*Akrajn - a small feline creature more similar to the Earth ''Felis silvestris'' than the common domestic cat.
Other types such as lapiform and rodentiform Hinji have also been observed or reported.
Like other species they have a complex psychology, including mental illnesses, temper and the like. Hinji society is split into two groups based on their preferred shape. Some Hinji prefer to stay nearly exclusively in humanoid form, and it is these Hinji who build and populate cities and towns. The Hinji who live in the wilderness spend most of their time in their animal shapes, only changing when necessary for interaction with other races.
The vast majority of the Hinji follow a belief system that is part monotheism, part nature-worship, centered on a figure known as the Sunmother (other names include the Divine or the Light). This belief system holds the animal forms of the Hinji to be sacred, although the definition of "sacred" can vary wildly between followers. Many Hinji clans have shamans who act as leaders or advisors, especially in the remit of matters involving shapeshifting.
==ESP (Telepathy, Empathy etc)==

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