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David Cody

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'''Commander David Cody''' is a currently serving as a Mission Specialist on the [[USS Apollo-A]]resigned his commission and retired to earth.
File:BarbaraJennett01.jpg|<center>Barbara Jennett (missing)
File:DeborahTurow.jpg|<center>Deborah Turow, Sister (adopted)
File:B'SaraCavannSara04.jpg|<center>B'Sara Cody, daughter (adopted)
Intelligence and Medical finally signed off and allowed David to return to Active Duty on Stardate 238907.10, where he joined [[Starbase 118 Ops]], under the commanding of then Captain [[Nicholotti, Kali|Kalianna Nicholotti]]. Less than two days after returning to Starfleet, David swept his commanding officer, newly minted Captain [[Nicholotti, Kali|Kali Nicholotti]] into a dance that did more than just [[Nicholotti May I?|waltz across the floor]], kindling deeper feelings and a strong attraction during a formal dinner and promotion celebration. Disaster struck with an assassination attempt on Kalianna. David unknowningly tapped into the knowledge blocked by creating a holographic matrix to act as Kalianna's double. Over the course of the incident within the Thracian Alliance and the Klingons during the crisis, David found himself drawn deeper towards his commanding officer, cultimating with the Victory's return to the StarBase and sharing his feelings with her. In November of 2389, they made the decision to move in together after Kalianna died a second time, only to be revived by an ingenious Doctor [[MacLaren, Johanna Diedre|Johanna MacLaren]] where they spent the night together in the Recovery Room of the [[USS Victory]].
The arrival of [[Cody, B'Sara|B'Sara Cavann]], who heard David reappeared and had been tracking down the man she viewed as her father, sparked the web of what happened to David unfolding as he 'woke up' during the course of the Thracian Incident. His matrix construct dissolved as he was shunted back into his physical body back on Odyssey Station, prompting an all out rescue by the station crew to bring him back.
It didn't last. Starfleet Intelligence recalled David to the Fleet, handing him the USS Daedalus to get out to the Garridon System on the Federation-Klingon border to find out what happened to one of their brand new outposts as they hadn't received a report from the officer on hand. David arrived within the system and quickly determined the planet was unsuitable for the outpost, as over three hundred people were trapped on the surface. Working with the [[USS Gemini]], David aided in the extraction of the outpost personnel and ran face-to-face with Kalianna again.
On stardate 239207.13, David was re-instated to the Fleet and assigned to the [[USS Apollo-A]], joining his former commanding officer and its new crew, as a Mission Specialist, which suited his unique set of skills.He served over the course of its run until the Apollo’s decommissioning on stardate 2393.0214 (ironically, falling on the eve prior to his tenth anniversary when he joined Starfleet). Kalianna’s departure left an emptiness in heart, losing the woman he loved. Feeling something of widow, he began to piece his personal life back together on top of a recall notice back to Starfleet Command at Starbase 118, where an unexpected opportunity came up; an offer to return to command, serving aboard the USS Doyle-A as Captain Selene Faranfey’s First Officer.  David flew out from Earth to rendezvous with the Doyle-A on stardate 2393.0215, accepting his new assignment. Due to the situation on hand, he discovered Captain Faranfey and crew had not reported in and ended up working with Deep Space 285 and Captain Faranster deploying search and rescue operations. The USS Doyle was finishing up repairs at the station. David decided to assume temporary command of the USS Doyle, along with a few other crew members who had arrived with him. He left the station and proceeded on the crew's last known heading, which took them deep inside the Briar Patch. Needless to say, they arrived in the middle of a breakout attempt from a nasty planet where the crew had been captured and imprisoned by the Sisterhood of Chains. One of the Sisters secretly defected, and Captain Faranster with the crew took the Sister, and the ship modified to traverse the planet's atmosphere, off planet. David and Selene met under a nasty set of circumstances, which forced him to continue command operations of the Doyle until the Captain was cleared to return to duty. Things progressed smoothly until a family emergency forced David to return to Mars for a little over eight weeks, concerning the JTSC's Chief Engineer and his family. Once things were secured, David returned as the crew came out of a dream state forced on them by an ancient, power and space-floating entity. Working with Selene, he decided to step back into an Advisory role and reassigned himself to resuming as a Specialist. Finalizing some last minute crew staff changes with the Captain, the {{USS|Athena}} arrived, prompting the crew's reassignment to the Odyssey Class vessel.   {{Heading|Timeline|Red}}: ''Full Article: [[/Timeline|David Cody Timeline]]''  {{Heading|Medical History|Red}}: ''Full Article: [[/Medical history|David Cody Medical History]]'' 
* '''Current Rank''': Commander
* '''Prior Assignments''':
**[[{{USS |Independence]]}}**[[{{USS |Independence-|A]]}}
**[[StarBase 118 Ops]]
**[[{{USS |Apollo-|A]]}}**{{USS|Doyle|A}} 
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239207.13--Present239302.14
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Apollo-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Mission Specialist
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239302.15--239307.15
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Doyle-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>First Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239307.15--Present
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Athena]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Mission Specialist
{{Heading|Medical History|Red}}
: ''Full Article: [[/Medical history|David Cody Medical History]]''
{{Heading|TimelineAwards & Ribbons|Red}}: ''Full Article: [[/Timeline|David Cody Timeline]]''
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