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Steadfast-A Non-Playing Character Listing

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Operations/Flight Control Department
*Branson, Lindsay - Logistic/Supply
**Petty Officer, 1st Class
**Terran female (twin)
*Branson, Lauren - Diplomatic Operations
**Petty Officer, 1st Class
**Terran female (twin)
*Yaz - Yeoman
**Crewman, 1st Class
**Bolian male
*Megana, Hanna - Asst. Ship Personnel Officer
**Terran female
==Science Division==
===Science Department===
*Montaine, Henry - Sensor Analyst
**Terran male
===Medical Department===
===Counseling Department===
==Operations Division==
===Engineering Department===
*Carter, Sonia - Transporter Chief
**Chief Petty Officer
**Terran female
*Zygami, Damon - Electrical Engineer
**Terran Male
*Wassner, Danice - Asst. Technician
**Terran Female
*Ghavi, Samir
**Chief Petty Officer
**Terran Male
Ghavi is currently a 37 year old chief petty officer assigned to lead auxilliary systems team two (of three) in engineering. He is a terran male, from Ahjavi, in the (UIS) United Indian States. He's charming, handsome, loves sweet and spicy foods and drink, and has a weakness for furry mammals which for which he judiciously ignores teasing. He is business like, unfailingly polite and of good humor, but very, very serious about his ship.
*Yeeni, Mika - Fusion Specialist Team Leader
**Terran Female
===Operations/Flight Control Department===
* [[Garn, Olin]] - HCO Officer
** Ensign
** Centauran male
* [[Firehawk, Thomas|Thomas Firehawk]] - Helm Officer
** Lt. JG
** Human Male
* Mibon, Calya - Operations Officer
** Petty Officer, 1st Class
** Trill female
* McNermon, Grace - Communications Officer
** Ensign
** Terran female
* Vorchinsky, David ("Sunshine") - "Deck Boss" (Deck Control Officer)
** Master Chief Petty Officer
** Terran male
===Security/Tactical Department===
[[Category:USS Steadfast-A|NPC]][[Category:Steadfast-A NPCs|*]]* Case, Leada - Security, Tactical Deployment** Yeoman, 1st class** Terran female* Ranjir, Opara - Security, Counter-Hostage** Yeoman, 2nd class** Bajoran male* Bantu, Uhadra - Security Officer** Crewman, 1st class** Terran male (United African Confederacy)* Alan, Mark - Assistant Beta Tac Officer** Crewman, First Class** Terran male (United Kingdom Union)* Matigan, Aaron - Tactical Operations Chief** Chief Petty Officer** Terran male

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