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Crew of Shemesh Colony

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

(( Sickbay ))

:: He started to walk away from the wall, then nearly collapsed once again. The aid of the two ensigns prevented him from another fight with the floor, which he'd already lost twice against in one day over a span of five minutes. The sedative used to dull the pain was working rapidly through his system, and the overwhelming sensation from the tsunami of pain began to die down as he was eased onto a biobed. ::

Morgan: I guess that means it's working.

:: The doctor gave a nod as he leaned back, his vision starting to blur a little from the meds combined with the pain. He looked up toward where he thought Morgan was, barely able to form his words as the sedative took hold of his senses. ::

SKYFIRE: You should...get back to the bridge...they need one of us up there...I'll get some rest...

Morgan: ::Turning to Azin.:: Will you be able to take care of him?

Azin: I should think so, I have enough medical training to prevent any further stress on his system, perhaps...

:: One of the orderlies turned around suddenly as the other doctor spoke up. Azin seemed a little too catatonic to give a reply. ::

JACKSON: I'm Orderly Jackson, sir. Doctor Skyfire had taken I think 10mg of aspirin prior to leaving for the Bridge. I'll keep an eye on him.

:: Jackson pulled out a tricorder and began scanning the lieutenant, glancing over to Azin briefly.  ::

Morgan: Alright. I will be back later.

Azin: :: Turning to Jackson, a little commanding but soothing as well.:: I must retrieve something from my quarters, can you look after him?

Jackson: Yes, sir.

Azin: :: Quickly.:: Thank you...

::Alex left and quickly made his way back up to the Bridge.::

(( Mindscape -- Skyfire's mind ))

:: Chythar stood in the construct of the Matrix, an empty white space. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, or even what happened to put him here. The sedative must've pulled him here. oO Sal? Oo There was no response. No sign of anything that looked or felt familiar. He wandered around for several moments before the construct faded into the familiar form of the sickbay, of the USS Excalibur-A. He looked down and saw himself lying on a biobed. Turning around quickly, he saw another familiar face...his own. With an Ensign pip. ::

Ens. Skyfire: You look terrible, Lieutenant.

Disembodied Lt Skyfire: Glad you think so. What the heck happened?

:: Ensign Skyfire gave a shrug. He needed to help the lieutenant understand the scenario, but by the same token this was all a figment of the Lt's imagination. Caused by a sedative. ::

Ens. Skyfire: I can't be sure without knowing what happened. In fact, I don't even think you know.

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: was helping Ensign Azin. Our nervous systems linked up...and he needed to borrow my mental fortitude for something. Not sure exactly what it was.

Ens. Skyfire: Azin... :: he checked over a personnel record for a moment. :: A Dokkaran. Interesting. There isn't very much known about a Dokkoran mind meld. What is known is Dokkarans can execute a mind meld through physical contact with another through the attuning of their nervous system to that of the other. This allows for the unity of minds between the two, allowing for the transfer of ideas, feelings and memories. In the case of sexual or other intimate contact, this experience can be very intense and if the other partner is not Dokkaran, it can be very tiring, and potentially dangerous if the Dokkaran is not careful to control the flow of ideas and emotions.

:: The lieutenant blinked. How is it that his younger self knew this information that he didn't? This all sounded too crazy for him to be realistic. A tone of irritation rose in his voice as he gave the reply. ::

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: Now you tell me. :: rolled his eyes :: So tell me. What else do you know?

Ens. Skyfire: How organized was the mind of Ensign Azin when this happened?

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: Not very. It felt like my mental fortitude was being drained. Every mental barrier I had was shattered by this process. I don't think he was in control of what happened. When I woke up from the meld, it was like every fiber of my being was on fire.

:: That gave the younger Skyfire enough information to sit back and form a theory. He wasn't sure he had anything solid, but it was just a hunch. ::

Ens. Skyfire: I suspect I may know what happened. Did Azin mention side effects? Headaches, possibility of absorbing any of his abilities?

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: Not that I recall. Why?

Ens. Skyfire: Headaches would be one of the side-effects you'd have, but it's also possible you may've absorbed some of his telepathic ability. Limited telepathy with other humans or close friends who have a connection to your mind. Like Sal.

:: The lieutenant tensed up a bit. Only CD knew about the connection with Sal. oO Who does this ensign think--- Oo a closer look at the man he was talking to was warranted. This was him, CD. Three months ago. ::

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: You have got to be kidding me. I'm not telepathic.

Ens. Skyfire: No, we aren't. But think about it. You engaged in a dangerous life-saving effort that involved a Dokkoran mind meld. You came out of it with everything on fire, or rather it felt like it. Right? Don't give me that 'You're fine' act, CD. Because you're not. You may've just had your entire genetic code rewritten. Without scanning you, I can't be sure. I don't even know if the you lying there is the same as the one I'm looking at talking to me right now.

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: This is nuts...

:: The ensign pulled up his genetic profile and notes from the physical from after their last mission. He then pulled up the results from the scan Ensign Morgan had performed while CD was on the bridge. Once he found them, he pulled those results up alongside his Ensign readings. With pursed lips, he turned to the disembodied lieutenant. ::

Ens. Skyfire: Your genetics aren't the same, you know. I don't know that whomever is in sickbay would catch this without seeing these records side by side.

Dis. Lt. Skyfire: You're telling me I am now telepathic?

Ens. Skyfire: Limited, like I said. T1 or T2, at best. Quite possibly with Sal too at a greater level because of the connection you share.

(( End Sequence))

(( Timeskip -- Sickbay ))

:: Orderly Jackson looked up from the bedside of the LT, after staring at some tricorder readings. Something seemed to be distracting the lad, but it could've just been Morgan's entrance. ::

Morgan: How is Doctor Skyfire?

JACKSON: No change, sir. He's still unconscious. Who's this?

Morgan: Oh. This was our little... guest... on the bridge. I'm going to make sure he's alright.

Morgan: Oh. This was our little... guest... on the bridge. I'm going to make sure he's alright.

JACKSON: Good idea. How is he doing, once you have that information?

Morgan: ::Helping it onto a biobed, and then grabbing a medical tricorder.:: He seems fine, so far.

Morgan: ::Helping it onto a biobed, and then grabbing a medical tricorder.:: He seems fine, so far.

JACKSON: Is there anything known about his species?

Azin: :: Walking up to the other officers and the child, Azin looked at the child for a few moments before speaking.:: I sense nothing from him, he is physically there, but yet he is not alive as your or I would be...

:: The conversation didn't last long as CD woke up suddenly. He glanced around sickbay, looking for someone in particular: Ensign Skyfire. Not seeing his younger self anywhere, his gaze focused for a long moment on Morgan which caused him to blink a few times. The pain was still present, but lessened than it was before. ::

SKYFIRE: :: panting :: Alex....?

Morgan: ::Alex turned to Skyfire, with a slightly forced smile.:: Doctor Skyfire. How're you feeling?

SKYFIRE: I'm okay. It's just...That was the weirdest dream I've ever had...

Morgan: ::Alex scanned Chythar now, for the moment leaving the child to explore the room with his eyes, though apparently a bit too scared to try and get down.:: Do you want painkillers, or another sedative?

:: He blinked again, taking a breath to compose his answer. The pain was still distracting, but he felt he wasn't in a position to accept more pain killers. He was already rendered unconscious once, and experienced a bizarre dream as a result. Not an experience he wanted to repeat. ::

SKYFIRE: Let's use that as a last resort. :: and tried to sit up slowly as he noticed their little guest :: What did I miss?

Morgan: ::Alex glanced at his other 'patient'.:: Ah. We pulled him over from what we think was another dimension. ::He gave him almost the exact same answer he gave Jackson.:: Don't ask me how. I hope they're looking for the little guy's parents now, they must be frantic.

:: The lieutenant listened and nodded faintly in reply, promptly wishing he hadn't gave that nod. ::

SKYFIRE: Alright. How can I help?

Morgan: Well, I could use some help figuring out if it's- I think his- presence is, from a medical standpoint, safe for the crew.

Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire
Medical Officer
USS Excalibur-A
Assistant Wiki-keeper of the USS Excalibur-A
Member of the Species Development Committee

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