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Crew of Shemesh Colony

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

(( Sickbay, Intensive Care Unit ))

:: Azin had admittedly performed few of these in his time, though he didn't see cause to tell that to Doctor Chythar Skyfire...::

Azin: :: Calm, serene, though with a certain sternness.:: In order for ideas to live they must flower in the minds of others, once that process begins, they never die. :: Reaching out his hands, hovering them just off Doctor Chythar Skyfire's face.:: We understand through exchange, by the Light of the Goddess, we are one...

:: The mind meld begins, CD's head suddenly jerked back as he fought to keep his shields intact. He was still in a massive amount of pain, the painkiller non-functional at the moment because the pain intensified. His muscles tensed completely, vision dimming once again. The images from before flooded his mind: the disembodied voices, the scroll, the rituals, the unfamiliar landscape. Everything he had reported seeing cycled like a movie caught in a repeat loop. No amount of relaxation techniques or breathing reduction could prevent the amount of pain he was in, his shielding weakened once more. He felt every muscle in his body shut down, but he somehow soldiered through the duration of the contact. ::

((Azin's Mind))

:: Azin was greeted by a darkness around him, enveloping him. A dim light turned on him, creating a large circle of light contrasted against the pitch black of everything else, which molded into a grey haze at the edge of the light. Taking a single step forward, it made a louder noise than Azin's footfalls had ever made, it was like the sound of a stiletto on marble, clanking and echoing.::

Azin: Show yourself...

:: At first there was no response to Azin's call out to the darkness around him, but then a trail of black smoke reached out from the haze of grey that formed the terminator between the light and the dark. It danced around Azin, making a slight hiss and swooshing noise as it did. Following it around him, Azin watched it dance and bound around him for a moment, before a pair of bright, glowing eyes appeared in the smoke. Forming into the rough outline of a humanoid, the smoke briefly stopped as the hazy image formed. Narrowing his eyes, Azin took a careful look at the outline, with his keen eyes, he could most definitely recognize shadows. ::

:: Not giving Azin enough time to discover its identity, the smoke formed into some shapeless, winged entity and charged at him, though instead of shying away or shielding himself, Azin stood firm against it. As it passed through him, Azin blinked, and closed his eyes for a moment, wincing as he felt the smoke pass through him.::

:: When he reopened his eyes, he was shown a more familiar scene, though that wasn't saying much. It was the library from his previous vision, grand and ornate, stately in its design, adorned with marble statues, fine wood shelves and painted ceilings detailing scenes from a mythology or history Azin did not recognize. The library's high vaulted ceiling was impossibly tall, several stories up, with endless rows of shelves on either side of the central aisle, and reaching up near to the ceiling on multiple floors. Each floor was supported by spectacularly decorated marble columns that were also very, very tall. In all, everything about the library physically dwarfed Azin, save for the volumes and the spaces to read and analyze them, though the knowledge contained within those volumes made Azin feel infinitesimally small, like his spot in a universe without his Goddess' light.::

:: Taking a few steps forward, his footsteps made a noise similar to the ones back in the light's circle, echoing throughout the library, though Azin could not see a surface, save the ceiling, where the sound could echo. In more ways than one, the silence was deafening.::

:: Azin walked around the library for what seemed like minutes, but also hours. The volumes on the selves had strange names, and there was no clear method of organization, or at least not one Azin had encountered.::

Disembodied Voice 1: :: Bitter, weak and contemptful.:: Your search for knowledge will lead you to ruin!

:: Azin had heard that voice before too, it was the one that spoke first in his bombardment of known and unknown voices earlier in the day. It was the voice of someone cursing another with their dying breath, in a way, the voice was Dokkaran, though far more emotional. Perhaps Azin was just coloring the voice with his own cultural perceptions, trying to make sense of it, but to no avail, it was part of the memories that were in him, but not his.::

Azin: ::Calm, though a little sassy.:: A popular sentiment...

:: Looking around the central aisle of the library as he walked down it, Azin noticed that the tables, where books would normally be strewn, being mined for knowledge or simply being enjoyed, were totally devoid of material objects, and like everything else in the library, like they had just been built and left unused, at least by the masses. Either this was just a figurative imagining of a vast public library to hold the glory of a civilization, or several by the looks of it, or it was someone's private collection, in which case, such hoarding of knowledge, to sit unused, was horrendous.::

:: Hearing a sudden, hard plop behind him, Azin turned around to see a book had appeared on one of the tables directly behind him. On the table was a book, opened, and displaying text written in strange script. Glossing over the pages, Azin half-heartedly flipped through the book, knowing he could not read any of it.::

Unknown: :: Striking through the silence, booming at first, though quieting as Azin's ears attuned to sound once more.:: Search your mind, you know this.

:: Giving a soft huff at the notion, Azin flipped back through the book, concentrating to read it, decipher it. It was blurry, confused at first, but gradually the words turned to something familiar.::

Azin: ::Softly reading to himself.:: The Vulcan Katric transfer, thought lost in the time of the Awakening, has been preserved by the Clerics of Mount Seleya for the ages since Surak transferred his Katra, into an Ark, among the last to do so. The nature of the Katra, the Vulcan living Soul, remains shrouded in mystery, the more logical Vulcans taking a dim view of it, and the more religious and spiritual ones have not attempted to define its existence in scientific terms...

Unknown: Next page...

:: The book flipped a page in Azin's hands, and Azin sighed slightly in annoyance as he read again.::

Azin: It is currently unknown if the Katra is a purely Vulcan principle or something that exists among all races. Similar rituals exist among many other telepathic and non-telepathic cultures. Most of these rituals revolve around giving immortality to either knowledge or an individual consciousness deemed significant...

:: Azin contemplated what all of this meant for a moment, and it was just a moment that he required.::

Unknown: This all makes sense now doesn't it?

::With a hiss and a swoosh, Azin turned around to see a figure materialize, this time fully realized, from the smoke. It was a woman, with grey eyes, and white-grey hair, with skin that set against her other features and her likewise grey attire, made porcelain take on a grey tint. Her hair was tucked behind one of her ears, which displayed a pointed tip, Azin was tempted to say she was a Vulcan, though she lacked their characteristic eyebrows.::

Unknown: :: Soft, hushed, though commanding.:: And here we are, at last...

Azin: :: Hesitant, wary.:: Indeed... just who are you, exactly?

:: The grey woman rolled her head for a moment, as if taking in the simple sensation of it.::

Unknown: I am Vehsa... an Historian, if you will.

Azin: :: Looking around the room.:: Can you explain all of this?

Vehsa: Right to the point, I love that about you... :: Vehsa walked to the center of the aisle and stretched out her arms. The room illuminated at her touch and it hummed with her power.:: This is the combined knowledge of countless individuals, spread across more ages then are recorded, throughout my life I made it my point to seek out knowledge and lore. :: Turning her head over her shoulder.:: Much like you, Azin. :: Returning her gaze forward.:: But all things grow old, and even with a lifespan as long as mine, things eventually die. So, I sought a way to cheat death itself, through one way, or another... :: Vehsa released her control of the room and everything returned to its natural state.:: But I feared I was running out of time, so I found a... supplicant, someone to see that all my knowledge, all that I am, would not die with my body...

Azin: You feared death? How original...

Vehsa: :: Slightly annoyed.:: I am not some peasant who feared the inevitable march into oblivion! I had amassed the largest collection of lore and knowledge in the history of this galaxy, and there was still more to learn. So I required time for my search, or perhaps, another to continue it for me. And that is where you came in, a lone Dokkaran, so young, so eager to learn the secrets of reality. While it is not known for sure, it is said your species might be immortal, that sounded perfect for my needs. So I initiated a Katric transfer, or rather, a variation of it, I learned it from a scroll I received from some Vulcan monks, in return for the Katric arc of one of their Masters.

Azin: And in doing so you wiped my memory of the ritual, leaving me none the wiser that I have all of this, plus you, all in my head?

Vehsa: :: With a slight smile and laugh.:: You are correct my dear... this piece, a small piece, that resided within you was to sit and wait, either for my return, or for when you discovered something of use. I dare say, your progress these past 13 years has been much slower than I had anticipated...

:: To anyone else, this would have been earth-shattering information, Azin though, was willing to believe anything at this point. The things he had seen, done and heard about already bordered on the impossible, a crazy witch hiding out in his mind was just the latest in a series of incidents. The unexplained was his game, and his wit in the face of 'Ancient Secrets' and yada yada, was a testament to just how tired this all was to him.::

Azin: Well you'll find that I don't give up my individuality easily...

Vehsa: Indeed not, though your current problems are not my doing, like with the Alien entity, these things are being caused by an outside source. Perhaps... I have a book on it?

:: Azin could feel something building within Vehsa.::

Azin: Is that an offer?

Vehsa: :: Swaying softly, clutching her arms tightly in delight, half menacingly, as she mused over the idea.:: Perhaps, now that my existence has been revealed, there's no point in dancing around all of this anymore. I offer my knowledge to you Azin, in return for a share of your body and mind, when needed...

:: Azin's wit cooled for a moment, preventing him from delivering a quick retort. Looking around the Library, Azin could feel the knowledge, the power, radiate from the volumes contained. There was no telling what was in here, and no telling what he could learn about... everything. There even might be something, or more likely somethings to help the Excalibur with this anomaly. And then he felt it, a more familiar feeling. A feeling of guilt, of shame. It spoke of regret, and pain caused by a pursuit of knowledge, of deals made in pursuit of that knowledge. He had made a deal with the devil once, he was not prepared to do it again, or maybe... Suddenly, Azin felt something surge within him, and with a clench of his fist, Azin felt something materialize within it.::

:: Looking down into his palm, Azin saw nothing in it, just himself. Smiling for a moment, Azin once again clenched his fist and stood resolute.::

Azin: :: Softly, but firmly.:: No

Vehsa: :: Smiling menacingly.:: So be it!

:: Vehsa lunched at Azin with a cloud of smoke behind her, fueling her. Hitting Azin full on, she fought Azin hand to hand as they struggled physically for his mind. She punched, he clawed, she burned with her smoke, he bit with his sharp teeth. Clawing his way away from her after kicking her square in the head, Azin tried running, but then felt a sharp pain in his lower left abdomen. Looking down, Azin saw a knife blade sticking out through his chest. Working against the pain, Azin resumed his way towards the end of the library, though hobbling was more like it.::

:: Vehsa materialized in front of him again, and Azin tried to turn around to escape, but was met by her, this time face to face. Azin was thrown a few meters by a very powerful punch to his face and lying on the floor, he once again tried pitifully to claw away from the madwoman.::

:: Vehsa stalked his crawling trail slowly, as if savoring the victory. Finally reaching him, Azin saw her smile as she prepared the final blow, and Azin closed his eyes, accepting his fate.::

:: Skyfire fought her off, landing a solid blow against her jaw. The impact alone was enough to sprain his wrist, as he wasn't used to physical combat. ::

:: Azin then heard a smash and opened his eyes just in time to see Vehsa reel from a blow, from the good Doctor no less.::

Azin: :: Surprised. :: Doctor Chythar Skyfire!

Skyfire: I'm OK. Are you?

Azin: :: Eyeing Vehsa, moaning, though slowly recovering on the floor.:: No, I'm fine, we need...

:: Just then, as Vehsa started to slowly rise to her feet, a much larger eruption shook the library, and Azin felt something fall from the ceiling. Landing in between the two Starfleet officers and Vehsa, the piece of the upper ceiling contained what appeared to be a gas lantern, which erupted on impact, starting a fire to further divide them. As the fire spread to the shelves with the volumes, the library started to shake further and collapse, causing more lanterns to fall.::

Azin: ... need to get out of here...

Skyfire: Yeah. Let's leave.

:: Doctor Chythar Skyfire helped Azin to his feet and they began the race to the door at the end of the long central aisle of the library. Azin pushed back the pain to hurry towards the door, all the while supported by Doctor Chyth... oh who cares, Azin was just about fed up with taking the extra time to say everyone's full name and title while his mind collapsed around him. As they neared the end though, the now understandable label on the end of one of the last shelves caught Azin's eye. Breaking away from Chythar, Azin hobbled down the row of shelves, wincing in pain.::

:: Looking at the spines of the books, they all had labels pertaining to the esoteric teachings of consciousness, reality and other mystical aspects of life. Quickly taking some off the shelves, Azin tried to fit as many as he could into his arms.::

Skyfire: We don't have time for this!

Azin: I can't let all of this be lost! I won't! There's no telling what I, we could learn!

Skyfire: You don't have a choice. I won't last much longer....

:: Chythar pulled Azin away from the shelves and several of the books fell from his arms, and when he reached down to pick some of them up, Chythar pulled harder, dragging Azin's comparatively light body towards the door. Azin managed to scoop up several more books of the shelves as he was dragged towards the exit, though several more fell as they made their escape. As Azin was dragged out of the library, he looked back to see Vehsa standing, surrounded by flames. As the door shut behind them, Azin saw a piece of debris land near Vehsa, either killing her, or blocking her image.::

:: The doctor's resolve was wavering as he pulled the scientist away from the books, his mind starting to warp a bit with pain. If it continued, there was a strong possibility that CD wouldn't survive. His mental shielding was starting to fail, in ways that could be disastrous with continued exposure to this force of unforeseen darkness. ::

:: Through the door was a familiar sight, the central chamber of the Temple of Kural-Hanesh. Truth be told, the Temple and the Library weren't all that different, which made Azin wonder. Letting the books fall from his arms unto the floor, Azin panted as he too collapsed, though his injuries and the knife blade were no longer present.::

Azin: By the Goddess...

Skyfire: What?

Azin: Sort of Katra, a remnant, a piece of a consciousness and her knowledge...

oO Seriously, we have time for this? Oo

Skyfire: You have got to be kidding.

Azin: I... don't know, I don't feel... I guess we'll know for certain once we're back in sickbay...

Skyfire: Then let's get the hell out of here... :: His voice grew faint, his eyes clenching in pain as his mind was warped in darkness and his resolve wavered. The mental fortitude he'd built just for this excursion was failing. He knew it, the pain in his head growing worse and worse by the second. The longer they stood there, the more intensity crashed down upon him. ::

Azin: Right... prepare yourself, breaking one of these bonds isn't always easy, or painless from what I'm told...

Skyfire: Do it. :: Through gritted teeth, he added :: Please.

:: Reaching out, Azin touched Chythar's temples and breathed slowly, preparing to break the bond. He spoke no words this time, and with a simple flex of his mental strength, the world around them faded into white, and vanished...::

(( Sickbay ))

:: Once he felt the meld break, CD collapsed face first to the deck plating beneath his feet. His eyes were clenched shut once more from pain, his breathing ragged, the headache increased in intensity from what it had before. His mental discipline was strong enough to have survived, though only barely. His mind was protected at this point by maybe the equivalent of 2" of thin leather. If it was true that he was connected to Taybrim's mind, he needed to get a message to him because he was in too much pain to move. He remained on the floor, barely able to think. With how weak his shields were, he'd be excited to summon his best friend despite his lack of telepathic ability. oO Does Sal's accident allow our connection to work both ways? Oo with that thought hanging in his mind, he tried. ::

oO Sal. Got a minute? Oo

:: Azin looked down at Doctor Chythar Skyfire, this time, once again on the deck. Though this time Azin could see, perfectly normally he might add. Looking around, he saw the familiarly drab and uninspired Starfleet interior, and for once, was happy to see it. Returning to Doctor Chythar Skyfire, Azin knelt down beside him.::

Azin: :: Soft, concerned.:: Doctor, are you all right?

:: It didn't register at first that he was being spoken to. He needed the pain to go away. He needed to get back up and do his job. He was a doctor. He had work to do. ::

SKYFIRE: Did it work? Are you able to see?

AZIN: Indeed, thanks to you... though you really should rest, that was a very... harrowing experience.

SKYFIRE: I unfortunately don't get the luxury of taking a nap on the floor. :: He tried to stand, every muscle screaming in rebellion as he steadied himself with a biobed. ::

:: Azin tried to support his beleaguered savior on his rise to stand, and as they reached the end of that journey, Azin felt some of the good Doctor's strength return, though he was still obviously very weak.::

Azin: Thank you, truly...

SKYFIRE: Don't mention it. I have work to do. :: and he left the ICU to return to Ensign Fai. ::

:: Azin was left alone in the ICU, left with the memories of all that had transpired. It left few questions, but several important ones, including if Vehsa still existed or not, and if so, where she was. There was also the matter of just what kind of knowledge Azin had saved from the mental library. These were all questions that would need to be answered eventually, but for now, Azin had a ship and crew to save and serve, and for once, truly, he felt that he was beginning to form a connection to them. With Vehsa gone, and that, combined with his encounter with Kellia months ago, Azin was beginning to feel things sturing within him, things he hadn't felt since his youth on Ceata. Welcome things, like hope, independent of his faith, and perhaps, PERHAPS, a desire to reach out more to those around him. Whatever was holding him back before, he felt it no longer... ::

(( Main room, Sickbay ))

:: Upon discovering Fai was not where he had left her, he turned around to see the ensign whose life he'd just saved appear from behind the privacy screen. Thoughts overwhelmed him, though he didn't dare speak. He was in too much pain to really find words to continue the conversation, and just looked at Azin for a long moment. :: TAG/TBC

Ensign Azin
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Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire
Medical Officer
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