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Professional History

Sidney Riley has served on three ships and a station during her time in the fleet, the USS Wallace, the USS Independence, the USS Tiger and Starbase 118 Ops. She began her career as a medical officer on the USS Wallace. When the Wallace was decommissioned, she was transferred to the USS Independence where she was promoted to Chief Medical Officer. Upon the promotion of Captain Idril Mar and the commissioning of the USS Ronin, Sidney was promoted to First Officer of the USS Independence-A under the command of Rear Admiral Jessa Kyrn Anassasi. On Stardate 238505.04, Commander Sidney Riley was given command of the USS Tiger, a Steamrunner-Wolverine class vessel, which was given a semi-permanent assignment as a support vessel for Deep Space 17 in the Ithassa Region. On Stardate 238612.14, the USS Tiger was ordered to return to her home port, Starbase 118 Operations, as the primary support vessel for the station. Captain Riley and the crew of the USS Tiger were reassigned to Starbase 118 Ops at that time. She was transferred to command the USS Independence-A upon the retirement of Commander David Cody on Stardate 238703.15. With the destruction of the USS Independence-A in the Mirror Universe on StarDate 238811.13, the crew returned to Deep Space 17 without a ship. On StarDate 238811.16 Riley was posted as commanding officer of the USS Tiger-A a Prometheus class vessel assigned to the Ithassa Region.

Influential Professional Experiences

Gorn Conflict of 2383
Operation Bright Star

Gorn Conflict of 2383 - Doctor Sidney Riley is affected deeply by the loss of life during the war and the numerous patients she treats as temporary Chief Medical Officer aboard Deep Space 17.

Battle of Eratis (Battle of Deep Space 17) - September 2383, Lieutenant Commander Sidney Riley helps lead the efforts to retake Deep Space 17 from the Gorn. She is affected deeply by this experience, this experience begins to change the course of her career from Medical to Command.

TE-IV 238501.10 - Sidney Riley is in command of an away mission to deliver medical supplies and set up an emergency medical clinic on one of the colonies on the planet after the ship that was originally carrying the supplies is detroyed en route. However, things go horribly wrong when the clinic is attacked and many are seriously or critically injured. Sidney blames herself for the away teams failure for months after.

May 2385, Sidney is placed in command of the USS Tiger which will be based out of Deep Space 17.

October 2386, Captain Riley is abducted by Parrin as he launches a plan to steal the USS Tiger

December 2386, Captain Riley is rescued by LtCmdr. Jhen Thelev and the crew of the USS Tiger. Because of the injuries she sustains she is in critical condition upon her return to Tiger. She almost dies on the operating table as she goes into cardiac arrest, but is saved by the expert care of LtCmdr. Solok, Lieutenant JG T'Reshik and Lieutenant JG Sasak. Captain Riley undergoes extensive medical treatment to restore her phsyically. She also meets with Counselor Avandar to deal with any psychological effects from her ordeal.

238612.14, Captain Sidney Riley and the crew of the USS Tiger are transferred to Starbase 118 Ops when the Tiger is assigned as the station primary support vessel.

238703.15, Captain Sidney Riley takes command of the USS Independence-A upon the retirement of Commander David Cody. Commmander Jhen Thelev launches as Commanding Officer of Starbase 118 Ops.

238706.10, Second Battle of Eratis While the Independence-A didn't participate in the Second Battle of Eratis, it set off a series of events which had profound effects on those serving in the Ithassa Region, as the Vaadwaur took control of Deep Space 17.

238709.10, Operation Bright Star The Independence is a major player in the retaking of Deep Space 17 from the Vaadwaur. Sidney Riley suffers a major injury to her hip which requires extensive surgery and consent from her sister Shannon to fix. She falls into a sense of depression as her injury begins to look permanent upon Shannon's refusal to give a bone graft. Her relationship with Alleran Tan is also a casualty of Operation Bright Star.

238811.12, the USS Independence-A is destroyed in the Mirror Universe to keep it from falling into the hands of the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance. The crew is forced to steal the Mirror USS Tiger-A to return home.

238811.16, the USS Tiger-A launches under the command of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and is assigned to the Ithassa Region.

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 238109.10 - 238201.24 USS Wallace & Deep Space 17 Medical Officer
  Lieutenant JG 238201.24 - 238207.20
  Lieutenant 238207.20 - 238304.21
Awards: 238212.26 The Starfleet Order of Merit and Achievement, Second Class
B-Plot Award
  Lieutenant 238304.21 - 238308.04 USS Independence Chief Medical Officer
  Lt Commander 238308.04 - 238309.26
  238309.26 - 238401.15 Deep Space 17
  238401.15 - 238504.17 USS Independence-A Executive Officer
Awards: 238501.18 The Starfleet Order of Merit and Achievement, First Class
Strange Medallion
  Commander 238504.17 - 238505.04 USS Independence-A Executive Officer
  238505.04 - 238512.18 USS Tiger Commanding Officer
  Captain 238512.18 - 238612.14
  238612.14 - 238701.22 Starbase 118 Ops
Awards: 238701.22 The James T. Kirk Cross
The Federation Peace Medal
  Captain 238701.22 - 238703.15 Starbase 118 Ops Commanding Officer
  238703.15 - 238801.11 USS Independence-A
  Fleet Captain 238801.11 - 238811.15
  238811.15 - 238901.10 USS Tiger-A Commanding Officer
Awards: 238901.10 The Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition
  Fleet Captain 238901.10 - 239103.14 USS Tiger-A Commanding Officer

Awards and Commendations

Awards and Ribbons
  TOSMA 2385
  TOSMA II 2383
  B-Plot Award 2383
  Strange Medallion 2385
  The James T. Kirk Cross 2386
  The Federation Peace Medal 2386
  The Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition 2388
  Five Year Member 2389
  Distinguished Service Ribbon 2390
  Extended Service Ribbon 2390
  Defense of the Temporal Flow Ribbon 2390
  Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 2389
  Gold Life Saving Ribbon 2390
  Ithassa Campaign Ribbon 2389
  Gorn Campaign Ribbon 2389
  Gorn Invasion Ribbon 2390
  Vaadwaur Invasion Ribbon 2390
  Battle for Bajor Ribbon 2390
  Hobus Heroism Ribbon 2390
  Galactic War With Borg Ribbon 2390
  Romulan Campaign 2390
  Klingon Invasion 2390

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