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  • Real Name: Parrin
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Unknown/Reptilian
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: None
  • Height/Weight: 6'2" / 190 pounds
  • Skin Tone: Grey

Brief Biography

Parrin was a member of the FTS P'Kothla crew. He floated from department to department, and his exact position on the ship is currently unknown. He was only semi-loyal to Klan and since Klan's death, Parrin has no loyalties to Rem Belairey or the P'kothla. Parrin is very ambitious and desires his own ship and crew.

It could be said Parrin is on the border of insanity as he is currently working on a plot to make his amibitions a reality.

Parrin had many friends and associates aboard the P'Kothla, including Vera, and Sari. At one time he also had a brief relationship with Shannon Riley. He still has feelings for her; and has asked her to marry him on several occasions and each time he has been rejected.