Science Station 7623

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Science station 7623 was a science station located 50 years away from Deep Space 17. The station orbited a class-J planet, which in turn orbited a star which gave off copious amounts of deadly extonic radiation.

Investigation of Loss of Contact

On Stardate 238602.01 the USS Independence-A was ordered to investigate a loss of contact with the station.

Upon investigating, the USS Independence-A crew found that a transwarp conduit experiment had gone wrong, forcing the crew of the station to evacuate, leaving behind one Ithaca Ellens to deactivate the experiments. Ellens herself had been given an experimental inoculation against the radiation being produced by the transwarp conduits. However, she was discovered badly burned by the extonic radiation which was slowly leaking into Science Station 7623 since its crew had abandoned it.


Science Station 7623 is currently inactive due to the ethical decisions of certain USS Independence-A crew members on stardate 238603.30.

The Aftermath

The work at Science Station 7623 would go on to have far-reaching consequences. The development of the harmonic encryption algorithms there was conducted under the direction of Jennifer Azorian, a member of Starfleet Intelligence. Her mission had been to create an encryption protocol for data storage and transfer that would be virtually undetectable. That protocol would go on to be used in the development of an industrial virus as part of a classified operation to lure out and destroy the rogue Romulan terrorist organization Reikara in 2389, shortly after the collapse of the Romulan Empire.