Tenna Kyd

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USS Constitution-B
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Tenna Kyd
Position Trade Representative
Rank Civilian
Species Romulan/Centauran
Gender Female
DOB 236903.03
Age 32
Birthplace Alpha Centauri

Tenna Kyd is currently serving as Representative of the UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau with an office located aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Personal Characteristics

  • Height: 1.69m
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Hair: Short blonde bob
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Appearance: Graceful and beautiful, with slightly pointed ears that she keeps hidden under her hair as often as possible.


Tenna Kyd is a social chameleon, able to blend in with almost any individual or group with little to no effort. She finds great interest or pleasure from most pursuits and easily ingratiates herself to almost any companion by sharing a true mutual interest or appreciation for the things that drive them. Tenna never reveals her Romulan heritage to anyone but her most trusted friends or confidants and she is a master of playing up her mixed heritage as either part Vulcan, or indeed a member of any number of other races that feature pointed ears. Her earlier trouble with authority and her conflicted emotions about her heritage left her as a wanderer, and she is still prone to wanderlust and impulsive decision-making. It's one of the reasons she hasn't progressed quickly in her organization, despite her above-average intellect and emotional intelligence.


Tenna's ability to blend in was the greatest survival mechanism in her youth, as she was often the target of ridicule for her mixed heritage and her missing mother. Tenna was raised with difficulty by her Centauran father, despite his best efforts. She was prone to running away from home and had been mixed up with law enforcement before she was 13. She escaped the local magistrate and managed to evade them for a full four months before she was captured trying to leave her home planet. It was during this extended brush with the legal system that she was introduced to the first non-centaurans that actually cared about her, and seemed to understand and accept her mixed heritage. Her advocate and counsellor were both offworlders that worked with the Federation's social welfare department. She gradually reintegrated into society and reconnected with her father. To her surprise, he had never lost faith in her and welcomed her home with the love only a parent could give. Tenna realized quickly that she needed to apply herself better in life, and she re-entered school with determination. With the help of her sponsors and counsellor, she excelled and surpassed expectations. But Tenna's wayward nature and desire to find her mother proved a fatal distraction from an otherwise shining trajectory. She delayed finishing her undergraduate studies and lost out on her admission to Starfleet Academy while she pursued leads in her off time while making her way as a hostess or steward on passenger ships.

Tenna is still searching for her mother but did find out enough about her background to realize she was a Romulan Agent assigned to her homeworld at one point. Her father was mortally ashamed of his relationship with an enemy spy and never talked about it with anyone, including Tenna. Her mission is still to find the whereabouts of her mother, but she realized aimlessly wandering the stars wouldn't cut it. She became a secretary in the Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau in order to develop deeper roots in the bureaucracy that might eventually lead her to her mother's whereabouts. Her time in the organization has seen her use her keen social skills to assist each of her representatives, but she has never truly trusted any of them until meeting her mentor, Salzaar Valys. For the first time, Tenna has felt more important to the organization and has truly started applying herself to helping Salzaar in his efforts to develop some of the less visible and more far-flung parts of the quadrant.

After a near-death experience forced Salzaar to reevaluate his priorities in life and finally take his retirement after an honourable career, Tenna was promoted into his position, to her complete surprise and general dismay. Tenna had not seen herself in a senior post like Trade Representative for another decade at least, and that was only if people were willing to overlook her past. But the bureau owed Salzaar for decades of service and a lack of proper recognition, and so they took his recommendation for his replacement seriously. Beyond that, Tenna had proven herself an incredibly proficient negotiator and empathetic individual. Salzaar promised to never be more than a subspace call away, but now Tenna was the Federation's best advocate for the economic development of The Marchlands.