SIM:Varaan: Only The Lonely

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Crew of Deep Space 26

Varaan WIP.jpg

Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on January 17, 2002, (corresponding to the IC stardate 237901.17).

((USS Freedom-A - Mess Hall))

::Varaan sipped his Vulcan herbal tea. He was sitting in the mess hall, alone at a table in the corner. This was the way he preferred it. Alone. Oh, there were other people in the mess hall. In fact, he was aware of several of the former crew of the Valkyrie. But he was alone at his table. Other races found silences awkward, and felt that they needed to break the silence by saying something. Anything. And usually something unimportant or meaningless. Especially humans. They were the worst. Talking wasted valuable energy and mental processing power. Though with some individuals they may not have used much of the latter. Varaan sipped his tea again. He was holding a PADD, analyzing the schematics of his new ship, the Freedom-A. He was unfamiliar with the Tachyon-class of starship. He wanted to be prepared for his first duty shift in Engineering. He did not get to spend much time on the Valkyrie and wondered if his stay on the Freedom would be longer, and as eventful. There was a 97.68% chance that the incidents related to the Valkyrie were isolated and not indicative of life on a starship. So the answers to his question were yes and no, in that order. A crewman greeted Varaan as she walked by the table. Varaan paused long enough to politely raise his head in acknowledgement. He then returned to his PADD and his tea. Vulcans were known throughout the galaxy for their passionless devotion to logic. But somewhere, in the deepest recesses of his mind, a stray thought wondered what was going to happen next...::