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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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((Bridge -- USS Za))

Lael grinned, but kept her head down. There were numerous instances when starships had been forced to crash land on planets. It never ended well, usually with said starship being mothballed and turned into a museum exhibit for wide-eyed tourists.::

Rhani: =/\= When do you want us to join you, General? =/\=

Kzan: =/\= As soon as possible. I think it best we not give too much time for doubts and concerns to fester. =/\=

Vondaryan: =/\= Sorry to interrupt, General. Might it be possible to have a small team of our engineers come aboard with us, as well. They can help with the computer transfer you had mentioned. =/\=

There was a small pause on the other end.::

Kzan: =/\= Very well. They will have to work under the supervision of my Commanders and engineering staff, of course. You understand. =/\=

Vondaryan: =/\= Yes, perfectly understandable. Thank you. =/\=

Rosek: ::smirks:: Sounds like you'll have your hands full.

Vondaryan: Following orders is a natural part of Starfleet, so that shouldn't be a problem. ::He smirked as he picked up a PADD:: And it's a good thing I like having my hands full.

Rosek: ::chuckles:: I don't envy you one bit, sir.

Vondaryan: ::he chuckled:: Why? I'm the one who gets to meet a new set of aliens.

Lael kept her thoughts to herself on that score. While meeting other races was always an interesting experience, she had grown to dislike first contact situations. Most of the ones she'd been in were far too volatile for her liking. Hell, even some of the meetings where the 'Fleet had already established contact were too volatile for her liking. First contact with new technology, however...that she usually enjoyed thoroughly, even if said technology was trying to blow her to smithereens.::

Blair: It will definitely make the data transfer easier if I can get over there and configure their systems.

Vondaryan: Did you have a plan for that?

Rhani/Pandorn/Fiorr/Kaidun/Any: ?

Lael kept her gaze focused forward, keeping her ears open for the details.::

Blair: ::looking at Fiorr and Kaidun:: Well our plan wouldn’t risk any of our technological advances. We’re essentially planning on creating a localized network between the two ships using antique means. ::Alex smirked.:: If it works, we’ll be recreating the internet.

He nodded. Interesting.::

Vondaryan: Using ancient technology. I'm not sure I would have thought to go backwards. Good work.

Rosek: We'll need to create a one way firewall of sorts to protect our ship's systems in case someone over there tries to hack them.

Vondaryan/Rhani/Pandorn/Fiorr/Kaidun/Any: ?

Rosek: ::nods:: They have been, yes. But that doesn't mean there isn't someone in their ranks who might have different orders or be willing to disobey orders to get their hands on our tech.

Vondaryan/Rhani/Pandorn/Fiorr/Kaidun/Any: ?

Blair: Based on what I have seen, they already have the necessary components. We’d just have to reconfigure a few things onsite.

Rosek: Whatever tools we don't have, I can jury-rig together.

Blair/Rhani/Fiorr/Kaidun/Any: ?

Vondaryan: I think we should be heading over now, Captain. The Pathfinder should be ready for us.

Lael nodded, looking to Rhani for further orders.::

Rhani/Pandorn/Fiorr/Kaidun/Any: ?

((Time skip)) ((Bridge -- Pathfinder))

Lael shuddered as she re-materialized on the Pathfinder bridge. She really did hate those blasted transporters. Leaning on the forearm crutches, she carried her kit with her right hand, the easiest way to do it under the circumstances. A man she presumed to be General Kzan approached, her posture indicating a career military man.::

Kzan reminded her of her maternal grandfather, who had passed long before she was assigned to the Victory. Aldric had been a retired General, but a General nonetheless. He'd demanded perfection from her in everything she did, giving her a rare smile when she'd gotten her acceptance letter to the Academy.::

Kzan: Captain Rhani, Commander Vondaryan.::He puffed his expansive chest out.:: Welcome to the Pathfinder.

Vondaryan: Thank you for having us, General. We look forward to this being the start of a long, fruitful relationship.

Rhani: Indeed, General. And I must say, your vessel looks like a well-found ship. My compliments.

It was then that she was drawn from her narrow perspective and took a look around. While most of the Hocktin crew ignored the newcomers and went about their duties, some of them showed clear hesitation and even irritation.::

Rosek: o0 Well, peachy. I only hope I'm working with a set that welcome our help. 0o

Blair/Any: Response

Kzan: Your engineers, I presume?

Vondaryan: ::he smiled:: Some, yes. And our Chief of Security, Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn. ::he motioned to Pandorn, who stepped forward::

Pandorn: It's an honor to meet you, General. ::He stood with his hands behind his back, folded, bowing his head briefly at Kzan.::

Rhani: He will be accompanying us to the meeting. Protocol is rather insistent on that. This, on the other hand... ::motioning to Blair:: Is Commander Alex Blair, our chief engineer. And assistants.

Blair: Response

Rosek: ::inclines her head:: Lieutenant Lael Rosek. A pleasure to meet you, General.

Kzan/Any: Response

Vondaryan: So where should the engineers start?

Kzan: Response

Blair/Any: Response

Rhani: ::nodding:: Then we should get things going, should we not? I suspect the chairs have been properly sorted by this point, after all.

Kzan/Vondaryan/Blair/Any: Response


Lieutenant Lael Rosek

HCO Officer