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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Romulan Science Ship - fleeing Creshan'na Riyas))

::Cory was sitting at the Engineering station onboard a Romulan Science Ship. The team he was tasked with stealing back a Romulan ship from what he still considered Deepspace 10. Now they were assisting the skipper’s fighter escape also.::

Stoyer: Captain, we are good on my side. ::Looking over at Eerie.:: Commander, I suggest one good pass, I don’t know how much damage this boat will take.

Sevo: Come up right behind them. Prepare disruptors and a plasma torpedo.

::Cory watched as the ship maneuvered under cloak into an optimum firing position.::

Stoyer: Shoot straight Commander.

Rosek: Almost there...

::The controls weren't quite what she was used to. Clearly they were made for larger, more masculine hands.::

Eerie: Standing by. I will fire right after we decloak.

Rosek: Just another 600 meters...

Sevo: Closer...a little closer…

Eerie: Almost at optimum range.

Stoyer: We are still looking good.

Sevo: Drop cloak, fire!

Eerie: Dropping cloak, firing.

::Lael jerked back in surprise when the console in front of her sparked, singing her fingers slightly. She grimaced when her back collided hard with a nearby bulkhead and coughed as smoke filled the cabin. This was not her day.::

Eerie: We took some of the blast. I have shields up again. I need to run some tests on the cloaking device.::Eerie was looking at the panel:: Fighter is destroyed.

Stoyer: Give me a few moments to ensure we are not going to die.

Rosek: ::grins wryly and rubs her lower back:: That's comforting.

Sevo/Eerie: Response

Stoyer: Commander Sevo, Surprisingly we are not damaged. The ship took a beating from the explosion, but there is no serious damage. I am sure the paint is scorched on the outside. I am hoping the Romulans will not hold that against us.

::Stoyer cracked smile.::

Rosek: Helluva bit of luck on that one.

Stoyer/Eerie/Sevo: response

Rosek: I think I hurt my back.

Stoyer/Eerie/Sevo: response

Rosek: Pretty bad, I think.

::Suddenly the world around her began to spin.::

Rosek: Whoa! Is it just me or is the ship spinning out of control?

Stoyer/Eerie/Sevo: response

::Before she could respond, the world went dark and she lost consciousness.::

Stoyer/Eerie/Sevo: response


L​t​JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon