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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Set three days after the DSX mission...

((Officer’s Lounge, USS Gorkon))

::Lael sipped her tea as she stared out at the stars, her forearm crutches leaning against the table beside her. She grimaced as she stared at them. They were the only option until she could engineer the back and leg braces.::

::Eerie entered the lounge. He had done all the reports that he could handle and just needed to get away from the office for a few minutes. He looked around lounge and saw Rosek at a table with the crutches near the big view port.::

Eerie:oO She did pretty good during the away mission.Oo

::Eerie forgot about the cup of coffee and walked over to her. Eerie wasn’t often in the lounge and some of the crew turned to notice him, before going back to their conversations.::

Eerie: Lieutenant.

::Lael started, turning to find Lieutenant Commander Eerie standing in front of her, his gaze going to her crutches.::

::Eerie could see that she wasn’t having a easy time with the injury.::

Eerie: If I’m disturbing you.....

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Not at all, sir. ::gestures to the chair in front of her:: Please…

::Eerie wasn’t much on chairs, but he sat down...carefully. He had broken a few of them in life.::

Eerie: Sorry to see that you are injured...Hopefully it won’t be too long.

::Eerie wasn’t very good at small talk, but had gotten a bit better at it during the past 9 years of dealing with others in starfleet. It was a bit dry and unemotional, but it was a lot better that the blank stare he would do when he was a cadet with a loss of words.::

Rosek: ::grins wryly:: It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

Eerie: Is this your first accident?::Trying to sound concerned.::

Rosek: Rock climbing when I was 19. The tether broke. Nearly died.

Eerie: I enjoy rock climbing.::Matter of factly. Then he remembered that a lot of people thought of him as a living rock. Eerie wasn’t sure that was bad pun or bad visually pun. Eerie sighed at the verbal misstep.::

Rosek: ::grins:: I could make a very bad joke there, sir…

Eerie: Not a problem. I think I have heard most of them. In the academy there was a lot of them going around when they found out that I wouldn’t pound them into the floor.::Eerie raised his eyes a bit to see if she got the meaning.::

Rosek: You’re not nearly that intimidating. ::grins:: Why, I’ll bet on the inside, you’re just a big teddy bear.

::Eerie had a part of a human personality implanted to him a few years ago, but the meaning took a moment to bubble up for the back of his mind.Then the light came on and he understood the metaphor or meaning of the comment.::

Eerie: Well. I’ve never hurt anyone on purpose. Other that a Naussican, Jem’Hadar, Orion...Romulan...but I have had a few people run into me on some of the curves on the corridors. ::He gave her a sly smile for a very brief second.::

Rosek: ::grimaces in sympathy:: Like running into a brick wall, huh?

Eerie: That is what they say. Honestly I have run into a another Brikar from time to time. So I guess I understand. But I wanted to tell you ...

::Eerie paused for a second.::

Eerie: You did a good job on the away mission. You hung in there in a difficult situation.

Rosek: ::smiles:: Thank you. ::motions to her crutches:: Though things could have gone better.

Eerie: Agreed. But no mission goes according to plan. You do your best and adapt the best you can. That is the real test of starfleet officer in a tough situation. That mission certainly qualifies.

Rosek: ::laughs:: Yeah. Not my finest hour.

Eerie: The more experience you get the better you will do. No holoprogram can simulate the true unknown. They are great simulations, but that survival element is something that is only in a real mission.

::Lael sighed, thinking back to the Sicarius mission. She knew better than anyone about survival.::

Eerie: Experience as well, is important. This last mission was full of it. Needless to say. You will be better the next time.

Rosek: I only hope.

Eerie: Don’t worry after the last one. You will be fine. Those are the missions that really makes or breaks officers. Sorry.::Looking at the crutches.::Mentally.

Rosek: ::smiles:: And physically, too. I know.

Eerie:It will take some time to process. Give it that time and one shouldn’t rush back into it if you aren’t mentally ready. Some people can get right back up and dust themselves off and go. But for most, you process it and realize you are stronger because of it. I think the term is ...”Seeing the Elephant” is a earth term.

::Eerie realized that he didn’t have a drink.::

Eerie: You need a new drink?

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: I’m good, but thank you.

::Since they’d been trapped in the other universe, she’d found herself talking more to her crewmates. Funny how a thing like that put a new spin on crew as a family.::

Eerie: Good to be back home.::Eerie himself was looking for a long rest and had let himself go back to the standard shift, even knowing how much work there was to do. Reports to catch up on and mountain for security documents that had been sent to his office from Starfleet command. It would just have to wait for a few days before he started to climb that mountain.::

Rosek: Mmmhmm. Can’t wait for shoreleave. ::smiles::

Eerie::He almost smiled.:: I think I will sleep for most of it.

Rosek: Mmm. I’ve had more than enough of that for a lifetime.



Lt. Cmdr. Eerie
Chief of Tactical and Security
USS Gorkon


LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon