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Ensign Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Victory NCC 362447
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((Secret Laboratory, Unknown Room))

::They were trying to humiliate her. They wanted her so broken that she bent to every command they gave. She tried her damdest to ignore their filthy hands on her and their knowing laughter as she refused to react even when they got right in her face. Jeers, innuendo and dirty promises filled her ears; yet she said and did nothing.::

Romulan Guard: You'll thaw out for me, whore, one way or another.

::She shuddered. She didn't dare assume she had value to them anymore as anything but a plaything.::

Rosek: o0We have to do SOMETHING. One more day in here and it could be our last.0o

::Even as they continued their assault on her dignity, she remained focused on the plan forming slowly in her mind, determined to share it with Janel when they were both inevitably returned to their least she hoped they would be.::

((Dingy Cell, A Couple Hours Later))

::The rough groping had soon giving way to slapping and strong hands on her arms, with the occasional punch thrown in for good measure. She winced as the slightest movement jarred her injuries. During her trip to their Sickbay, she'd managed to steal a jar of salve for bruises and an outdated dermal healer that still did the job just fine. When they'd returned her to her cell, they'd shoved a small canteen of water in her hands. Determined to conserve it, she drank only what she needed.::

::The familiar sound of the forcefield being lowered caught her attention and she looked up in time to see Janel being dragged into the cell only half conscious. She moved to stand, but he was dropped in her lap before she could. Glaring at the guards as they exited the cell and reactivated the forcefield, her gaze then dropped to Janel's face and she gasped. One eye was all but black and severely swollen with cuts and purple bruises peppering his cheeks and temples.

::She reached immediately for her water canteen, pouring a little onto his lips. His eyes opened slightly, but his lips remained closed.::

Rosek: ::runs a hand through his hair:: Janel, you need to drink some water.

Tarna: response

::Again, she poured a little, his lips opening to receive it.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Oh, Janel. What'd they do to you?

Tarna: response

Rosek: Lie still and keep your head elevated. It'll lessen the swelling to your eye.

::Lael paused then ripped a strip of fabric from the bottom of her tank top, pouring a little water onto it, then using it to dab at Tarna's eye and the cuts on his face.::

Tarna: response

Rosek: Relax. ::pulls out the dermal regenerator::

Tarna: response

Rosek: ::grins impishly:: I stole it from their Sickbay after they wrapped my ribs.

Tarna: response

Rosek: ::huffs:: I'm fine. Now quit fussing and hold still.

::Lael then went to work on his face. It took awhile, but she managed to heal even the deepest of the cuts and the majority of the bruises, with the exception of his eye where she hadn't dared use the outdated regenerator, were fading as his skin returned to almost its normal color.::

::Sudden footsteps had her jamming the regenerator back into her coat pocket to hide it. To her surprise, a man appeared outside their cell bearing two trays. His fellow entered a code into the panel and two small breaks appeared near the floor beside each other, just large enough to slide the trays through. Another command and the forcefield was back in place as the guards moved off. Entending her arm, she grasped one of the trays with her fingertips and pulled it toward her.::

::She wrinkled her nose at the scent of stale cracker and what appeared to be the Romulan equivalent of gruel. She dipped a finger into the substance and brought it to her mouth, licking it. It wasn't bad. She shrugged. It was that they desperately needed. Through supreme effort, she'd managed to ignore her body screaming for sustenance, but now the very sight of it had her ravenous. Glancing down at Tarna, she dipped her finger in it again and offered him a taste.::

Tarna: response

Rosek: ::smiles:: Not that I mind being a Human pillow, but I'm starving as I'm sure are you. I can go right back to being your pillow as soon as I've got something in my stomach.

Tarna: response

::She helped him sit up. He leaned back against the wall as she pushed the second tray toward him. Once he was settled, she returned her attention to her own tray, dipping the crackers in the thin liquid, taking both down in a few minutes. The liquid had been cold and slightly fishy in taste, but it was one of the best meals she'd ever eaten. She took a couple sips from her canteen before offering Tarna some.::

::She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, a satisfied smile sliding across her lips as she moved next to sit next to him. Her eyes caught his for a few moments before she slid closer, watching for any signs of discomfort on his part as she nestled against his side and threw her arm across his chest. She had every intention of talking to him about an escape plan, but she was asleep before her mind could form the words.::

Tag Tarna(/Kaji if you're going to make an appearance)


Ensign Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
USS Victory