SIM:Lael Rosek - Ripped Environmental Suits and Rescue Missions (Victory)

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Victory NCC 362447
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((Corridor - Deck 6 - USS Victory))

::Everything was fuzzy at first, her head feeling like someone had filled it with cotton. She laid there for several moment struggling to get her bearings. Within a couple minutes, the lightheadedness was replaced with a growing migraine followed by waves of nausea that forced her to roll onto her side to expel the bile, only for her to remember her environmental suit. She inhhjaled and exhaled in controlled breaths to calm her churning stomach.::

::At last, she had the sensations under control and she slowly rose to her feet, searching her memory for what happened before she passed out. She recalled a strange smell--almost like formaldehyde--and the voice of a man long dead. She shuddered at the mere memory, her hands seeking the wall for support.::

::That's when she noticed it. A small crack in the arm of her suit. She blinked, examining it closer, then cursing a streak. She'd been exposed. Without a wrist chronometer, she had no idea how long. she dug into a pocket of her environmental suit, producing duct tape. She then wrapped it around her arm, covering the length of the crack, several times, tight enough to seal it but not tight enough to cut off circulation. She then flexed her arm to test it. Satisfied, she moved to pick up her discarded tricorder.::

::Fighting the migraine, she studied the tricorder and could scarcely make sense of it. But she had to press on. She hadn't cleared the deck...or at least she didn't think she had.::

((Corridor - Deck 6 - USS Victory - Timewarp))

::She motioned to the small group to continue down the corridor. Sweat clung to the back of her neck and her forehead, causing her to shiver. She was showing early signs of a fever, making it even more urgent that she get this last group to Sickbay so she could receive treatment herself.::

Lissy: Lael?

::Lael's eyes snapped open and she looked at the girl.::

Lissy: Are you okay?

Rosek: ::smiles reassuringly:: I'm fine, sweetie. Just very tired.

Lissy: Oh. ::pauses: You should take a nap. My mommy says naps feel best when you're really sleepy.

Rosek: Your mommy is a smart lad. ::pauses:: I'll make sure I get a good one after everyone is safe.

Lissy: K. ::hugs her bear and skips down the corridor after the group.::

Rosek: o0God, give me strength.0o

::Sighing, Lael followed the group, studying her tricorder.::


Lt.JG Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
USS Victory


NPC Lissy McDavid
USS Victory