SIM:Lael Rosek - In So Many Words, Part IV (Victory)

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
Starbase 118
USS Victory NCC 362447
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((USS Victory - Deck 5 - Counseling))

Kaji: So, that’s about the point where the rescue team showed up, right? Tell me about that!

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: I was so relieved I wanted to cry.

Kaji: So what did they do?

Rosek: ::gaze drops to her hands:: They wanted me to go back to the ship. ::shakes her head:: As worried as I was about Janel, I couldn't. We'd been through too much trying to retrieve those vials. I had to see it through...if not for my sake, then for his to make sure that everything he'd gone through hadn't been for nothing.

Kaji: And were you able to?

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I didn't retrieve them myself, but I was able to bring them back myself.

Kaji: What did that feel like?

Rosek: Relief. Closure.

:: Kaji smiled at the girl. This seemed like a good place to close off the conversation, to end on a cheerful note. There was more to get into later, but today she’d wanted to get a big picture view of the lieutenant’s state of mind. She smiled and leaned back in her seat. ::

Kaji: Well, I think this has been an excellent start. Do you have any questions or concerns?

::Lael shook her head.::

Kaji: Ok, well I would like to close here for the day. I want to talk to you more, to get into some of the deeper things, but we can figure that out together, ok?

::Lael wasn't normally overly fond of shrinks, but there was something different about Kaji. The woman's eyes were dark and lacked the pupils found in Human eyes, making it difficult to read her moods by her eyes alone, which had made Lael uneasy at first. But as she'd studied Kaji, she'd become more able to understand the Rodulan's facial expressions and non-verbal cues. The more time that she spent in Kaji's company, the more comfortable she would become.::

Rosek: ::smiles:: Of course.

Kaji: Well, I’d like to set up a weekly appointment, as much as our missions will permit. I can schedule you in, if you’d like.

Rosek: ::nods:: Let's just set it at the same day and time every week and I'll let you know as soon as possible if something is going to conflict with that so we can reschedule.

:: They took care of the details, matching their schedules and such. As the other woman got ready to leave, Kaji stood and spoke quietly.::

Kaji: You’re doing very well at holding yourself together, but it might be good to talk to a friend. Janel’s not in a place to comfort you, but someone needs to. Perhaps a family member?

Rosek: ::pauses and murmurs:: I talk to my younger brother as often as I can. He's been really supportive.

Kaji: Oh, and I forgot to ask! How are you sleeping?

:: Talia shuddered, thinking of her own nightmares that plagued her. She couldn’t sleep in the dark anymore, and had even set up a tiny camera in Ben’s room so that she could check on him at any time.::

::Lael hesitated, not sure if she really wanted to go into detail about the nightmares just yet. They encompassed far more sensitive topics than her kidnapping and torture on Temlai.::

Rosek: I sleep all right.

Kaji: Well, I’ll put a sleeping medication into your replicator patterns so you can get it yourself if you need it.

Rosek: ::nods and murmurs:: Thank you. See you next week.

::Without another word, she strode out of Kaji's office, then exiting Sickbay.::


::As she strode back to her quarters, she couldn't help but feel a certain amount of relief, like a giant burden had been lifted from her shoulders. It had felt good to talk about things--helped her to sort them out and put them in their proper places. Some memories she never wanted to see again as long as she lived. But others--like the way it felt when Janel held her and kissed her, the sound of his laugh, the way his smile turned her to goo, the passion he had for wildlife and holophotography--she added to the collection of her favorites, ones she could draw on for strength when she wanted nothing more than to give up. With any luck, more sessions with Kaji would mean more memories to add to that category.::



Lt.JG Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
USS Victory


Lt. Talia Kaji
USS Victory