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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Sickbay, USS Gorkon))

:: Lael entered Sickbay with the little girl, having already dropped the minimal luggage off in her quarters. Smiling when she caught sight of Dassa, Lael encouraged the little girl to move toward one of the biobeds and promptly lifted her up to sit on one as Dassa approached. ::

Alexander: ::grins and murmurs:: Hello there, sweetheart. What’s your name?

Maddy: ::shyly:: Maddy.

Alexander: ::smiles:: That’s a pretty name. I’m Dassa and I’m going to check a few things. ::to Lael:: It she up to date on her immunizations?

Rosek: ::nods:: As far as I know. ::hands Dassa a PADD:: Here’s her file. You can add it to the ship’s database. I’m still working on getting her school records. According to the attorney, she was attending a Christian preschool before all this.

Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow and takes the PADD:: I didn’t think those existed anymore.

Rosek: ::shrugs:: It was run out of a private residence. UE certified, though.

Alexander: ::notices Maddy’s cross:: That’s a pretty necklace. Where did you get it?

Maddy: ::gaze drops and murmurs sadly:: My mommy gave it to me before she went to see Jesus.

Alexander: ::sombers and takes the girl’s hand in hers:: I’m sorry, darling, about your mommy.

Maddy: ::shrugs nonchalantly:: It’s okay. She died ‘tecting people.

:: Chythar was doing some routine inventory in the background when he heard a few familiar voices and a child that he didn’t recognize. He brushed a strand of hair over his ear and turned to the source of the voices, brows knitting together in confusion. ::

Skyfire: Ah’m assumin’, Lael, that this wee lass is yours?

:: He was referring to legal guardianship rather than pregnancy, which he knew wasn’t the case as he had read her file over and over again in order to gain more insight into the nature of the spinal nanites. ::

Rosek: ::grins:: Yep. ::to Maddy:: Sweetie, this is my friend Chythar. He’s a doctor.

Maddy: ::shyly:: Hi.

Skyfire: ‘Allo, Maddy. Nice tae meet yeh. :: He wandered over to the small group and smiled to the youngling. ::

Maddy: ::giggles:: You talk funny.

Skyfire: Old habits die hard, lass. Ah’ll leave yeh in Dassa’s capable hands.

:: This wasn’t his area of expertise anyway, as he was more at home reading the SFMJ articles or staring down a microscope at genomes. The young one should be left to the expert whose field it was. ::

Rosek: ::smirks:: She’s five, Chythar. Five year olds are brutally honest. Besides, I don’t imagine she’s heard an accent like yours before.

Skyfire: Well, ah can drop it at any time.

Maddy: ::brow furrows:: What’s an a-a-accent?

Skyfire: It’s a way people talk, little one. Localized to the place they’re from, usually.

Maddy: ::perks up:: Lael has an accent. ::to Lael:: Where did you live?

Rosek: ::smiles:: Michigan, honey. And it’s only noticeable when I let it slip.

Maddy: ::smiles wanly:: But I like it. ::to Chythar:: I like yours, too. My mommy’s daddy talked like you do.

Skyfire: Oh really now? :: chuckling. ::

Maddy: ::nods and smiles sadly:: He played with me a lot.

:: Here, CD stopped talking and instead offered a smile. He didn’t have much of a childhood to speak of. The family he had now, which consisted of Raissa Moonsong’s family and Sal Taybrim, was all adopted in the sense they saw him as family. The last time he went home, he was receiving help dealing with his abilities. ::

:: Maddy grinned, suddenly throwing her arms around Chythar’s neck, a wave of utter delight slamming into his shields as she hugged him tightly. ::

Rosek: ::to Maddy:: Easy, honey. Chythar is an empath. You might overwhelm him.

:: Maddy pulled back sheepishly.::

Maddy: Sorry. Lael says I’m too little to control my gifts.

Skyfire: It’s fine, Maddy. Ah’m alright.

:: He cast a glance to Lael, a calmness in his eyes conveying a preparedness. He was doing a little better since Alex’s departure, and had been keeping his shields intact at work. ::

Maddy: ::smiles:: Okay. I’ll be more careful next time.

Skyfire: Dinnae worry about it, Maddy. If it gets to be too much, ah’ll walk away. Yer fine.

:: Dassa finished Maddy’s check up quickly, most of it consisting of getting vitals. The PADD containing her history was pretty thorough.::

Maddy: ::to Chythar:: Lael said we’re gonna have a sleepover with Aunt Dassa. She said you were invited, too. Are you gonna come?

:: At that, his brows shot up as he glanced over to his friend, an inquisitive brow arching for a moment. ::

Skyfire: When is this supposed to happen?

Rosek: ::smiles sheepishly:: Well, I thought since it had worked out so well the last couple times, I thought we could do it again tonight. Turn it into a bit of a welcome thing for Maddy.

:: Chythar considered that for a moment. He wanted to take some time to himself in order to clear his head. He wanted to relax, and not have to worry about his abilities. With the presence of this small child, though...that was a whole new territory since she had just arrived and confessed to having such abilities. ::

Maddy: Lael says Aunt Dassa is lonely because her boyfriend is home taking care of his mommy.

Skyfire: Aye, while that’s true, we’ll have tae see how ah’m feelin’ after work. :: He glanced over to Dassa and wondered how the physical was going, for she’d hardly said a word. :: Everythin’ checking out, Dassa?

Alexander: ::grins:: Right as rain. :: kisses her forehead :: You’re all set, little love.

Maddy: ::blushes:: You’re pretty.

:: This in turn drew a blush from Dassa and a laugh from Lael. ::

Alexander: :: murmurs :: Thank you. You’re quite lovely yourself.

:: Chythar just stayed quiet and returned to his inventory, craving just a few moments of silence so he could work through what happened in that short space of time in which he was hugged. He felt fine, but did she invoke an emotion in him? It was difficult for him to pinpoint it at the moment. ::

Rosek: :: helps Maddy off the biobed :: Come along, honey. Let’s get you some dinner. Uncle Chythar and Aunt Dassa need to work.

Maddy: Okay. Can I have pizza?

Rosek: ::smiles:: I think we can arrange that. What kind?

Maddy: The one with hams and pineapples on it.

Rosek: :: nods and smiles :: I’ll program it into the replicator if I have to. Say thank you to Dassa.

Maddy: :: to Dassa :: Thank you, Aunt Dassa, for checking me.

Alexander: :: smiles warmly :: You’re welcome, Maddy. We’ll see you later tonight.

Maddy: :: nods enthusiastically and pauses, running over to Chythar:: I hope you come to the sleepover tonight, Uncle Chythar. Lael promised it’ll be lots of fun.

:: He smiled softly at the wee lass, patting her on the back gently. ::

Skyfire: Ah’ll see what ah can do, lass. Alright?

Maddy: ::grins:: Okay. ::pauses:: Can I hug you?

Skyfire: :: keeping the surprise out of his voice. :: Sure.

:: Of all the strangeness that had occurred to him, being adopted by a five year old was probably even weirder than his two freak accidents. ::

:: Beaming, Maddy threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly before kissing him on the cheek and running giggling back to Lael.::

:: As the child and Lael made their way out of sickbay, CD was quiet. He didn’t know what to make of it. He felt otherwise fine, but emotionally confused. Again. This time, he did hide it well behind his shielded mask of professionalism. The last thing he wanted to do was let Dassa know he got confused by a small child.  ::
Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293


Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


Maddy Young
USS Gorkon
As simmed by Dassa Alexander