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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Dassa’s “We Have To Stop Meeting Like This” and before Dassa’s “Bar Fight!” OOC2: Takes place after Chythar’s “The Exchange”

((Holodeck 2, USS Gorkon))

::Lael and Dassa entered the holodeck after Lael had initiated the program. Before them was a hot tub with a beautiful view. Beside it was an ice chest practically overflowing with beer and wine coolers. After all, what was a hot tub party without a drink or two?::

Rosek: ::murmurs to Dassa:: Stop worrying. I’m sure neither of them will hold any of what happened against you.

Alexander: ::snorts:: My most recent conversations with either of them are hardly unforgettable.

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Just let go and have a little bit of fun for a change.

::Dassa sighed, shaking her head. Needless to say, this was going to be an interesting evening.::

::Alex walked into the holodeck with Chythar by his side. After meeting up outside Alex’s quarters the pair headed straight for the holodeck, and Alex couldn’t have been more excited, that was until the doors opened. As the hot tub and the incredibly scenic view were revealed, a huge smiled spread across Alex’ face.::

::CD was wearing his black trunks with the flames, and a tank top. By his side, Devlin managed to keep the pace. As the door to the holodeck opened, Devlin ran ahead with a playful yip and bounded over to Dassa once he saw her. Chythar merely smiled softly.::

Blair: Now this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

Skyfire: This too, I’ve been waiting for.

::Alex led Chythar a few steps further into the room and spotted the two people who had already been there. At this point, Devlin jumped up on Dassa’s lap and gave her face a good licking.::

Devlin: Raff!

Blair: Ah, good evening. Thanks for inviting us! This all looks great!

::Lael smiled warmly.::

Rosek: We could all use a break after that last mission.

::Dassa smiled wanly, a slight blush coloring her cheeks. Awkward was an understatement. Her last respective meetings with both men had gone anything but stellar.::

Alexander: ::nods:: Commanders.

Skyfire: You could drop the rank. We’re off duty, lass.

::Alex smiled. His past off duty encounters with Alexander could only be described as atypical and he really hoped that this gathering would go better.::

Blair: How’s the water? I haven’t been in a hot tub in a long time, so I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

Rosek: We haven’t gotten in yet. ::motions to the ice chest:: We have beer and we have wine coolers. Take your pick.

::Dassa paused a moment before grabbing a wine cooler.::

::Alex smiled and looked at Chythar.::

Blair: As long as that cooler stays stocked, I may never leave here.

Rosek: ::laughs and grabs a beer:: That can be arranged.

::CD tried to get a glimpse of one of the beers to determine if it was either top-shelf or cheap stuff. He was a little particular about his beer, but knew for a fact that Mac and Jacks didn’t typically come in bottles.::

Skyfire: Depends. Cheap or top-shelf?

Rosek: ::feigns offense:: Chythar! You know I don’t drink anything but the best!

::Actually, CD didn’t recall. The last time he had a drink with Lael was the night of the garden party shortly after she told him about the engagement to Jansen, and even then his memory was a little hazy on details. So much time had passed since then.::

Blair: I’ll have one of those beers if you don’t mind.

::Lael grabbed another beer from the ice chest and tossed it to him.::

Rosek: What about you Chythar?

Skyfire: A bottle of beer for me as well.

::Lael smirked and picked up another bottle, tossing it to him as she had done to Alex.::

::Alex popped the top on his beer took a quick swig and smiled.::

Blair: That’s great.

::With his beer in hand, Alex stepped closer to the hot tub and ran his fingers through the water. Chythar looked down at the bottle and nodded in approval as Weinhard’s private reserve was one of his favorite top-end drinks..::

Blair: So what are we waiting for? You guys ready to get in?

::Lael grinned and removed her sundress to reveal a pink bikini, then jumped in feet first, her beer held high so it wouldn’t spill nor would it get any water in it.::

::Dassa squeaked in surprise, bringing her hands up to cover her face.::

Alexander: Lael!

::The younger woman smirked.::

Rosek: Don’t be such a sissy, Dassa. It’s just water.

::Scowling at her friend, she slipped off her cutoffs and her white tanktop, then stepped into the hot tub holding her wine cooler. Once she’d settled on the step, she twisted the top off and took a swig, sighing and leaning back to allow the jets to massage her sore muscles.::

::Chythar popped the lid and smirked at his beagle’s antics, as Devlin noticed he had been neglecting Lael’s face in the licking ritual. He stayed out of the water and rested on the concrete beside Lael and started licking gently.

::Alex genuinely laughed at the pair. He then removed his white t-shirt leaving him in a pair of navy blue swim trunks and slowly climbed into the hot tub.::

Blair: Oh this feels good. You going to join us CD?

Skyfire: Aye, first things first. ::He had a nice long pull from his bottle then joined the others in the tub, easing into the water one step at a time.::

::Alex settled into his seat and with his beer held above the water line let the tub’s jets begin to work their magic.::

Blair: So how is everybody?

Alexander: ::murmurs:: Fine.

Rosek: ::shrugs:: Same ol’, same ol’. You?

::Alex smiled again.::

Blair: Glad that mission is over, but more glad you invited us here.

Skyfire: Correcting Tobian’s color coding. He’s still going to need practice if he wants to double-up with administrative secretary. Also, glad the mission’s over.

::Lael stole a glance at Dassa and snickered when the older woman’s cheeks flushed at the mention of Tobian’s name.::

::Devlin backed off and padded around to Alex and Chythar, settling between them and resting his nose against Alex’s hand.::

::Alex smiled as he felt the slightly wet, slightly cool nose of Devlin brush against his hand. He then reached up and pet Devlin on the head.::

::Devlin’s tail wagged happily as he received pettings, and he remained otherwise still. It was a good feeling.::

Alexander: ::snaps at Lael:: Oh, lay off! You’ve been at it for days! Give it a rest!

Skyfire: Ah feel like Ah’ve missed something.

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Quit being such a drama queen, Dassa. It’s just a little bit of teasing.

::Dassa opened her mouth to reply, but, realizing where she was, she shut it and elected to change the subject.::

Alexander: So...does anyone have any other plans for shoreleave?

::Chythar elected to steer clear of his personal issues which included the surgery and selection of a new counselor, deciding instead to keep it relevant to this little group and other activities.::

Skyfire: Crashing on Alex’s couch for a few days, brewing some of my uncle’s coffee for him, maybe another round of getting my arse handed to me by Lael in a sparring match.::

::Feeling relaxed, Alex decided to let his fun side come out.::

Blair: You mean aside from putting up with someone on my couch all the time? ::Alex smiled and patted Chythar on the shoulder:: I really don’t have any plans.

Alexander: ::snorts and jabs her thumb at Lael:: This one seems to make her way into my bed, shoreleave or not.

::It was a low blow, but Dassa didn’t care. Lael was stepping on her last nerve.::

::Lael stiffened, her glare fierce enough to melt steel.::

::It was interesting seeing academy friends turning on each other like this, but he kept the opinion to himself as he had another sip of his drink. Yes, he missed something. There were times where he felt ignorance was bliss, and this clearly seemed one of those times. He said nothing for a few moments before adding in some other things he forgot in his list of plans.::

::As the two ladies spoke, Alex chose to stay quiet. He didn’t know either of them very well and though it seemed like they were arguing it was none of his business.::

Skyfire: Forgot to add: taking care of a few personal issues, and caring for the dog.

Dassa could feel Lael’s hurt through their link and her features softened.::

Alexander: ::murmurs:: I’m sorry. That wasn’t fair. ::sighs:: But this thing with Tobian is still new. Can you please back off it for awhile?

::CD’s brow quirked curiously as he refrained from a spit-take. oO Thing with Tobian? Oo It’d explain at least one day of getting the color codes wrong on the PADDs again. He made a mental note to himself to have a chat with the Betazoid counselor and extend the same offer.::

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Fine. But you know I don’t mean anything by it, don’t you?

Alexander: ::grimaces:: I know, but...please?

Rosek: ::nods:: Okay. I’ll back off.

Skyfire: What plans do you lasses have? Anything interesting going on for you?

Rosek: ::shrugs:: The Christmas party. That’s about all.

Alexander: ::shyly:: Depends, I guess, on what Tobian is doing.

::CD blinked once. Christmas party? oO Oh brother. Oo It could go one of two ways: really well, or really badly. The last time he was stuck in a Halloween party-based ceremony, he ordered a crewman to be a blood donor in less than ideal circumstances. The last Christmas party he attended, he made stew that wound up as ammo for the fairies because Silveira forgot to turn them off. He hated parties.::

Skyfire: Ah forgot about that...Alex, do ye want to go?

::Alex looked at Chythar and smiled. This was the first time he had heard anything about a Christmas party.::

Blair: A Christmas party huh? I haven’t heard anything about yet, but if you are going, I’ll definitely be there.

Rosek: ::nods:: I’ll be there too. ::smirks:: I might even bring a date.

Alexander: Me, too. ::smiles:: I talked to Tobian about it and we’ll be going together.

::Alex grabbed his drink off the edge of the hot tub and took a drink of the rapidly warming beer. After putting down the bottle, Alex looked around the tub.::

Blair: So what exactly does one do at a Christmas party anyways?

::It took Chythar a moment or three and a swig of his beer before he was capable of forming additional words. The last party he attended was rather quiet because Quinn had made it newsie free. The last two holiday parties he was at were another story.::

Skyfire: Dance, avoid the murder plots, avoid the newsies, and nae have holodeck fairy sprites using my Stew Surprise as ammo. ::He downed the rest of it and set the empty bottle down on his non-canine occupied side.::

Rosek: ::laughs:: I told you those dance lessons would come in handy some day, Chythar.

::Alex looked at Rosek then Chythar with a quizzical look.::

Blair: Dance lessons?

::CD smiled softly at his partner, giving Lael a subtle nod.::

Skyfire: She taught me how to waltz and a few other styles before we met.

Rosek: ::takes a drink of her beer:: Part of his social graces lessons.

::Alex smiled. It seemed like everyday that passed he learned something new about Chythar and he really liked it.::

Blair: I guess a little social grace never hurt anyone.

::Alex brought his bottle to his lips and finished off his drink.::

Blair: So aside from avoiding the murder plots, fairy sprites, and stew surprise I really am curious about Christmas parties. Though I’ve heard of it, Christmas was never really a thing for my family so I’ve never been to a Christmas party.

LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


PNPC LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon
As simmed by Dassa Alexander


Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293


Commander Alex Blair
Mission Specialist
USS Gorkon