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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Dassa’s “We Have To Stop Meeting Like This” and before Dassa’s “Bar Fight!” OOC2: Takes place after Chythar’s “The Exchange”

((Holodeck 2, USS Gorkon))

::Alex brought his bottle to his lips and finished off his drink.::

Blair: So aside from avoiding the murder plots, fairy sprites, and stew surprise I really am curious about Christmas parties. Though I’ve heard of it, Christmas was never really a thing for my family so I’ve never been to a Christmas party.

Rosek: ::arches her eyebrows in surprise:: You’ve never been to a Christmas party? ::grins:: Well, you’re definitely missing out. I’ve been to some great ones in my time...especially once the alcohol--the real stuff--gets flowing.

Alexander: ::scoffs:: You would be focused on that.

Skyfire: Don’t forget about the snowball fights. Ah’m a fan of snowball fights. Haven’t tried snowboarding yet, but want to.

::Alex smiled.::

Blair: Well, you had me at real alcohol, but it all sounds fun. Count me in. ::pause:: In fact, if you don’t mind could you hand me another beer?

::Lael grinned and grabbed another beer from the ice chest, handing it to Blair.::

Alexander: ::grins:: Good beer?

Blair: Thanks! Very good, it’s been a while since I had a Wienhard.

::With the full bottle in hand, Alex quickly popped off the top and took a big gulp. Devlin shifted his attention to his master and nuzzled up closer to him. CD absently started petting his little friend and continued to listen to the conversation.::

Blair: Very good.

Skyfire: Ah’ll have another one as well.

::Lael finished the last of her beer, opting to switch to a wine cooler. She grabbed two from the ice chest, offering one to Dassa. Dassa shook her head.::

Rosek: Come on, Dassa. Relax.

::Dassa paused and reluctantly took the wine cooler.::

::Alex took a moment to look out at the scenery then turned his focus back to the people in the hot tub with him. He then settled his eyes on the two ladies.::

Blair: Based on your back and forth banter, I take it you two have known each other for a while right?

Alexander: ::blushes:: Since the Academy, yeah.

Rosek: :grins:: We actually met in a bar one night. Dassa here was very drunk.

::CD had heard that story before, so he popped the lid on his beer and had a swig before resuming his idle petting of Devlin.::

::Alex smiled again.::

Blair: I’m detecting a theme here. Not that it’s bad or anything, but drinking seems to come up pretty frequently.

Rosek: We used to hit the bars a lot on the weekends...sometimes during the week.

Alexander: ::murmurs:: It’s a miracle we graduated.

Rosek: ::laughs:: It’s true. I haven’t always been the responsible officer I am today.

Alexander: ::chokes on her drink and laughs:: Responsible? You?

::Alex joined in on the laughing.::

Blair: Hey, I’m not one to judge. I can usually be found at the bar when on leave myself. ::Alex grinned.:: And trust me, I’ve got my own share of stories I’d rather not let out.

Rosek: ::laughs:: Now you HAVE to share. ::pauses:: How about a game of I’ve Never? That should get this party going.

::He’d never played and decided that’d be a good start. Especially since he didn’t know the rules.::

Skyfire: Ah’ve never does it work?

::Alex shrugged. He did most of his actual growing up while serving as a Starfleet Marine and a game called I’ve Never had never come up.::

Blair: Beats me. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

Rosek: ::gapes:: Seriously? Okay… ::pulls out a bottle of tequila:: It goes like this. We all take turns saying something we’ve never done. Everyone else, if they’ve done it, takes a shot.

::Alex’s eyes perked up a little as Rosek pulled out the tequila. His past experiences with that particular beverage had always turned out quite interesting.:: <nowiki>::CD glanced at the tequila bottle and finished his beer. He would be crashing on the man’s couch tonight, whether or not it was a good idea. Devlin would go wherever the kibble was. He wasn’t ordinarily a drinker, but he could make an exception. After all, he was supposed to be having fun, and anything needed to take his mind off the horrid stuff.::

Blair: Okay sounds pretty straightforward to me. Why don’t you get us started?

Rosek: ::grabs four shot glasses and passes three around, keeping one for herself:: Okay...I’ve never...been surfing.

Alexander: ::glares at Lael as she took the shot:: You picked that one on purpose.

::Windsurfing counted, so a shot of tequila.::

::Following the rules of the game, Alex raised his shot glass and tossed it back.::

Blair: I’m no good, but I done a little bit of surfing.

Skyfire: Windsurfing on a Risan holodeck program.

Rosek: You next, Dassa.

Alexander: ::smirks:: I’ve never streaked the Academy campus.

Rosek: ::protests:: I was drunk!

Alexander: ::chuckles:: Exactly.

::Lael sighed and took the shot.::

::Alex watched as Rosek tossed back a shot.::

Alexander: You next, Commander Blair.

Blair: Let’s see...I’ve never skipped an Academy class to visit a bar.

::Both Dassa and Lael grimaced, each taking a shot. Even Chythar took a shot, because he’d only skipped a class once.::

Rosek: Your turn to pick one, Chythar.

Skyfire: ::as Lael refilled his glass, he tried to come up with something.:: Ah’ve never enjoyed jumping off a cliff into the water.

::It was true. He jumped off cliffs into the water before, usually in Risan holodeck programs, but he’d never actually felt a rush or anything when it happened. So as weird as it was, it was truth since he didn’t think he could use he’d never played as a valid one.::

::Lael grimaced. If it kept up this way, shed be drunk off her backside.::

::Alex promptly raised his shot glass and downed another shot. He had jumped off a cliff into water on numerous occasions and enjoyed it each time. There was just something about the rush of adrenaline that he couldn’t get enough of.::

Blair: I think it’s your turn now Lael.

Rosek: Hmm. I never...pretended to be a Vulcan.

::Alex smiled eager to see who would be taking a drink this time around, definitely leaving his glass on the table.::

Blair: Well, that’s an interesting one.

::CD left his drink on the table as well, but was definitely starting to feel the effects. He took another breath as he continued to pet Devlin and reinforced his shields before he let anything slip either by accident or on purpose.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: I'm calling your bluff, Skyfire. I saw your profile.

Skyfire: That was a Romulan disguise, for one thing. If you’re referring to the anger management and control, it was not me pretending to do anything.

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: Solon?

Skyfire: So’lar, yes. Necessary disguise for a cloak and dagger mission, and a Romulan.

Rosek: Your profile says Vulcan. Might wanna fix that.

::He nodded and left his glass on the table. It was probably the alcohol causing her to think it was Vulcan, but whatever. He shrugged and received a face licking from the dog.::

Skyfire: I will. ::looking to Alex:: What’s with the derpy grin, love?

Blair: This game is starting to be more fun than I actually thought it was going to be.

Skyfire: It’s definitely messing with me. ::He was referring to the tequila. Other drinks he’d had weren’t normally this hard-hitting.::

Alexander: ::smirks:: What's the matter, Rosek? Drunk already?

Rosek: ::snorts:: Hardly. Your turn, Dassa.

Alexander: Hmm. I've never… ::smirks:: had sex with a Vulcan who was in the middle of Pon Farr.

Rosek: ::scowl and takes a shot:: ::slurs:: I’ll get you back, Alexander.

Alexander: ::smirks:: Promises, promises.

::Alex smiled and tried not to let his cheeks begin to turn red. It seemed that this game was going to teach him some pretty personal things about his companions.::

Blair: ::leaving his drink on the table again:: Hey don’t look at me.

::Chythar had never been very good at this sort of game, and he certainly hadn’t gotten royally drunk before. Then again, there were a lot of things he’d never done. Prior to today, this game was one of them.::

Skyfire: Ah’ve never gone snowboarding.

::Dassa smiled, glad to be able to pass on one. Lael grumbled as she took yet another shot.::

Alexander: To you, Alex.

::Before taking his turn, Alex quickly tossed back a shot in answer to Chythar’s statement, grateful to finally have a drink. He briefly looked at Rosek before taking his turn.::

Blair: I’ve never made up a silly drinking game to learn juicy personal details about my shipmates.

Rosek: ::slurs:: It's not made up! And I already know the answers to Dassa's. Thought I had Chythar...Trying to get him drunk. ::pauses:: Okay. This is clearly biased against me. Try Truth or Dare?

::CD raised a quizzical eyebrow and scritched Devlin behind the ears, setting the shot glass aside. He didn’t want to get completely hammered.::

Skyfire: Ah dunnae ken if Ah’ll be good at that either. Not in the mood of tasting the water.

::Alex smiled at Chythar’s comment, then looked for the bottle of tequila.::

Blair: Truth or Dare huh... you know if you want to know all this private stuff about me just keep pouring me shots of that tequila and then ask.

Alexander: ::laughs:: Oh, believe me. Lael’s version of this game involves alcohol.

Rosek: Yep. If you take Dare and you refuse to do it, you have to drink a shot. And I have plenty of dares that involve alcohol, too.

::Alex grinned and turned towards Chythar.::

Blair: I’m in if you are.

::Tempting as it was to pass, he wanted to have fun. And he had told Dassa back in sickbay he was plenty fun when he was capable of hearing himself being a smartass to distinguish between when he was being a dumbass, so....he held his shot glass to the center and watched it get refilled.::

Skyfire: A’right. Ah’m in.

::Alex then turned back towards Rosek.::

Blair: So it’s your game why don’t you start things off?

Rosek: Okay. ::to Chythar:: Truth or Dare?

Skyfire: Truth.

Rosek: Hmm. When was your first kiss and who was it with?

Skyfire: 239111.27 - Gabrielle Porchevska right after she clocked me across the jaw.

::He felt a phantom pain where that blow landed, which was roughly the same place he got clocked during the last away mission he went on. He rubbed his face where it had hit and it occurred to him he probably needed a shave, but that’d come later.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: Interesting. ::pauses:: Your turn to pick someone.

Skyfire: Alex. Truth or dare? ::He wasn’t just picking on his partner for the heck of it. There was alcohol involved, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.::

Blair: Oh...let’s see...let’s liven things up a bit. Dare.

::Ah, dares. Something Chythar didn’t really have much experience generating. He was so bad at this game, and didn’t have anything ready to challenge his partner with. He gave Devlin another gentle scritching and considered for a moment.::

Skyfire: Consume one of those wine glasses ::as he nodded toward the cooler:: in ten seconds.

::Alex smiled at Chythar’s request.::

Blair: That’s it? I was expecting more!

::Alex reached over to the cooler and grabbed one of the drinks and wasted no time in tossing it back. Alex drank as fast as he could spilling some contents of the cold drink in the process. When he was finished, Alex wiped his damp hand across his face.::

Blair: How’d I do?

Alexander: ::smirks:: Damn good in my opinion. What do you think, Chythar? It was your dare.

Skyfire: Eight seconds. Very good.

Blair: Alright then. ::He looked at Alexander.:: Dassa, truth or dare?

Alexander: Hmm. Truth.

::Alex donned a mischievous grin.::

Blair: Tell the truth now, that time in the mess hall, what went through your head when you spilled your lunch on me?

Skyfire: And I missed it?

Alexander: ::smiles sheepishly:: Competing thoughts of “oh shite” and “that stain will never come out”.

Blair: Huh, that’s much tamer than I expected.

Alexander: ::laughs:: What? You were expecting language that would make a sailor blush? Lael’s got the foul mouth, not me.

Rosek: ::protests:: Hey! I do not!

Blair: ::glancing at Rosek:: I’ll have to keep that in mind!

Alexander: ::pauses:: Chythar really didn’t do the game justice. So...truth or dare, Alex?

Blair: Let’s keep the fun going, dare.

Alexander: ::smirks:: Make out with Chythar for a full 10 seconds.

LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


PNPC LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon
As simmed by Dassa Alexander


Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293


Commander Alex Blair
Mission Specialist
USS Gorkon