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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Dassa’s “We Have To Stop Meeting Like This” and before Dassa’s “Bar Fight!” OOC2: Takes place after Chythar’s “The Exchange”

((Holodeck 2, USS Gorkon))

Alexander: ::pauses:: Chythar really didn’t do the game justice. So...truth or dare, Alex?

Blair: Let’s keep the fun going, dare.

Alexander: ::smirks:: Make out with Chythar for a full 10 seconds.

Alex looked at Chythar feeling the effects of the alcohol hitting his system.::

Blair: You up for it?

Setting his shot glass aside, the alcohol definitely starting to have an effect. Either gal could feel it messing with his shielding a bit.::

Skyfire: Bring it, lover boy.

Alex slid a little closer to his partner and embraced him. Kissing Chythar was something that he thoroughly enjoyed so Alex easily got lost in the moment during their embrace. After what was most definitely more than 10 seconds, Alex broke the embrace.::
Chythar too got lost in the moment, as he enjoyed the kiss as well and Devlin lifted his chin off his paws and watched, panting happily with his tail wagging happily behind him.::

Blair: I thought this game was supposed to be a challenge?

Rosek: ::snorts:: Not with you two apparently. ::to Chythar:: Never knew you were so kinky, Chythar. ::waggles her eyebrows.::

Alexander: ::blushes and fans herself:: Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Alex felt his cheeks turn a particular shade of red.::

Blair: Hey, I’m a man who knows what he likes.

Once the hot kiss ended, Devlin gave a soft whimper and licked Alex’s face before resting his head on his paws again. The little beagle was clearly enjoying the show, but only when there was one. CD just ignored the comment, not because he was trying to be antisocial but because he was still coming down from the high of that moment.::
Alex was eager to continue the game as he sat and thought about who to pick for the next turn. A part of him wanted to dare Chythar to kiss him again, but Alex knew that would probably lead to a much longer make out session that would be a little too inappropriate for the moment. Instead Alex let his eyes rest on Rosek.::

Blair: Lael, truth or dare?

Rosek: Hmm. Truth.

At this point, after being dared to chug a wine cooler, Alex was really starting to feel inhibition free so didn’t think too much about his question.::

Blair: When did you realize that you liked Dassa as more than a friend?

Rosek: ::scoffs:: Dassa, what have you been telling people?

Alexander: ::blushes:: Just that we got drunk and slept together.

Rosek: ::to Blair:: Honestly? I was drunk, she was hot, and we both needed to chase away demons.

Dassa’s gaze dropped to the drink in her hands, her face bright red. She and Tobian were making their way toward dating, yes. But the truth of what she could never have with Lael still stung a bit.::
Alex nodded appreciating the honesty.::

Blair: Nothing wrong with that, I hear about a lot of relationships that start that way. ::pause:: Your turn.

Chythar nodded faintly in agreement, and did too. So many options...but he was definitely feeling drunk now, so…::

Rosek: Hmm. Chythar...Truth or Dare?

Skyfire: Dare. ::Uncharacteristic choice for him, completely going against what he normally chose. Probably the tequila.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: Your mission, Chythar, if you choose to accept it, is that you can only choose dare for the next ten rounds. ::shrugs:: If not you can take a shot for every dare that you’re refusing.

Blair: ::Alex laughed.:: This should be interesting.

CD swallowed hard. This could either go really well, or really horribly. He wasn’t the sort to imbibe heavily in alcohol this would definitely end with him on Alex’s couch.::

Skyfire: oO Oh gods… Oo Okay.

Blair: ::Alex grinned at his partner.:: Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for you on my couch tonight.

Rosek: ::to Skyfire:: All right. Your turn now, Chythar.

Skyfire: ::He closed his eyes and did a silent ‘eni meni mini mo’, his finger resting on Dassa before he opened his eyes.:: Truth or dare?

Alexander: Truth.

Skyfire: Did you ever report to class in the academy while hung over?

Alex anticipated the answer. He remembered the Academy very well and couldn’t imagine going through any of his classes while hung over.::

Alexander: ::pauses:: Once. Thank God it was Elina’s class. She offered me a hypo to sober me up.

Blair: ::shaking his head:: I don’t know how you managed that.

Alexander: ::shrugs:: I was friends with the instructor. She dressed me down, mind. But she didn’t report me. Never showed up to class hungover again.

Blair: I would guess not. Don’t think anyone could get away with that one twice.

He hadn’t shown up to anything in the academy late, but he did cut a class or two a few times each. And put someone into a coma by accident.::

Alexander: ::to Alex:: Truth or Dare?

Alex thought for a moment. A part of him wanted to continue the dares because they were fun to complete, but the other part pointed out that a game of truth or dare was just dare if you didn’t pick both.::

Blair: Okay, truth.

Alexander: Hmm. What is your favorite thing about Chythar?

Rosek: ::scoffs:: That’s so tame! You can do better than that!

Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow at Lael:: I’m the one asking. I get to choose. ::to Alex:: Go ahead.

Alex looked intently for a moment. The drunk part of his mind wanted to belt out something stupid like “the way he looks”, but the much more rational side won out this time.::

Blair: Oh, that’s a tough one. ::Alex turned to look at the man who had become his partner.:: My favorite thing...I don’t know if I can pick just one. I simply like him. I like his personality, the way he’s easy to talk to, the way I feel when I’m around him.

Chythar got one of those bashful “aww shucks” looks and began blushing a little, the tequila causing his shields to slip a little.

Alexander: ::smiles:: That’s really sweet.

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Okay, there’s way too much sappy stuff going on. ::to Alex:: Your turn. And don’t forget. Chythar has 10 dares he has to do no matter what they are.

Blair: ::grinning:: Sorry Chythar, but all that mushiness I want to pick on you. I’d ask the question, but as Lael pointed out, we all know the answer. So I dare you to ::Alex felt a sudden mischievous twinge hit him.:: take two shots of the tequila in rapid succession!

Lael howled with laughter.::

Rosek: Good one! About time somebody nailed him!

Chythar nodded faintly and reached over to Alex’s shot glass, taking it from him and downing it before following it with his own. Once both were refilled, he felt a brief moment of disorientation and eased himself out of the hot tub, with his legs over the side.::

Skyfire: Lael. Truth or dare.

Rosek: ::frowns:: Are you okay? ::She moved to lay a hand on his back to steady him before remembering that Alex was there.::

Alex watched as Chythar pulled himself out of the hot tub and immediately grew concerned. His partner looked a little worse for wear and Alex had contributed to it. Alex saw Rosek move a little closer as he quickly pulled himself up and out of the tub to join Chythar on the edge. Alex wrapped an arm around Chythar and pulled him close.::

Blair: Hey, it’s alright. Just take it easy I’m here to help if you need me.

Skyfire: ?

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: It’s the heat combined with the alcohol. This was a bad idea. ::grabs a bottle of water from the cooler and tosses it to Alex.:: Have him drink as much of that as he can handle. He’s dehydrated.

Alex took the bottle of water and twisted the top off before moving it closer to Chythar.::

Blair: Good idea. ::to Skyfire:: Here take a few sips.

The doc took the water and relocated so that one leg was on either side of Alex. Devlin gave a soft whimper and nuzzled his master gently as he drank the offered bottle. CD downed it in a few seconds.::
Dassa reached into the knapsack she’d laid next to the hot tub and produced two hypos: one with painkillers and one to sober him up. She got out of the tub and sat on the edge next to Chythar. She then glanced at Alex, as though asking permission to administer them, since Chythar was of no mind to be making medical decisions.::
Alex quickly nodded in response to Alexander. He didn’t mean to speak for Chythar, but wanted to make sure that the other doctor did what was needed to help CD.::

Blair: Maybe we should head out. Get you in a bed somewhere.

Skyfire: Alex has a couch...I’ll be fine...

Alexander: ::nods:: That’s a good idea. He’s pretty blasted. ::administers the hypos:: I would tell you to make sure he eats something, but he’d probably just throw it up anyway.

Feeling as if he had a drink or two too many himself, Alex quickly donned a sarcastic tone.::

Blair: Well if he’s coming to my quarters, we definitely want to eliminate that possibility. ::pause:: Some people just can’t handle their liquor!

He dimly registered the hisses of the hypos, instantly sober and feeling terrible. The headache from the liquor was starting to fade, and he slowly eased himself out of the hot tub completely. Likely once he got to quarters, he’d just pass out from the booze.::

Rosek: ::snickers:: I think he’ll probably end up doing that anyway.

Blair: ::looking at Chythar:: Oh well, I remember saying something the other day about being there no matter what. I guess this counts. ::Alex hugged Chythar:: I’m just kidding, I’m happy to help you out even if you do get sick all over the place.

CD returned the embrace and gave Alex a gentle pat on the back, words failing him. Words were hard.::

Alexander: Just because the hypo eliminated the alcohol from his system, that doesn’t mean his body isn’t suffering the effects still yet. Get as much water in him as you can over the next 12 hours and avoid hot showers. They’ll make him feel worse. Once he feels like eating something, I would recommend sticking to something chicken broth for the salt. It’ll help him rehydrate.

Alex performed a mock salute.::

Blair: Yes Ma’am.

Chythar merely nodded and stood slowly. He’d never been actually blasted before. This was a new experience for him, and rooms weren’t supposed to spin like that.::
Lael climbed out of the tub and hugged Chythar.::

Rosek: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you sick.

Blair: Me either.

Alex rose from his seated position on the edge of the hot tub and grabbed two of the towels that were nearby. He draped on across Chythar’s shoulders before doing the same for himself.::

Blair: This was fun ladies, thanks for planing it. ::to Skyfire:: Okay sunshine, let’s get you out of here. You too Devlin.

Devlin: Raff raff! ::The canine padded over to the cooler and dug his nose into the ice, grabbing a bottle of water. Once he’d fetched, he brought it over to Alex.::

Rosek: ::nods:: We’ll have to do this again sometime...without the alcohol.

As Devlin approached, Alex reached down and grabbed the bottle of water. He then pulled Chythar closer to himself and started walking towards the exit.::

Blair: Agreed, without the alcohol.

Rosek: ::hugs Chythar again:: Feel better.

Alexander: ::nods:: Yes. Feel better...and report to Sickbay in the morning so I can check you out. ::to Alex:: Comm me if he starts feeling worse. No matter what time...and I’ll stop by your quarters.

Blair: Deal.

The CMO offered a silent nod of agreement. Words were still hard, and the room was spinning. Devlin followed close beside his master, and Chythar had to actually concentrate now to keep his shielding intact.::

Blair: Alright, let’s go before the room starts spinning for me too.

CD managed to give a thumb’s up to this idea, because actually forming words seemed like a bad idea.::

Alexander: I have more hypos. Did you want the painkiller and detoxification hypo, too, Alex?

Alex shook his head.::

Blair: Naw, I’m good. It’s nothing I haven’t handled before. Thanks for the offer though. You guys have a good night, hopefully we won’t have to disturb you later.

Alexander: You’re welcome. And it’s no trouble. ::smiles at Chythar:: It’s what friends are for, after all.

Rosek: ::nods:: Take it easy, Chythar...and listen to your boyfriend. He’s a smart one.

CD nodded again faintly, closing his eyes to make the world stop spinning.::

Blair: Hear that? I’m a smart one! ::Alex laughed and pulled Chythar through the now open door.:: Let’s go.


LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0


PNPC LtJG Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Gorkon

As simmed by Dassa Alexander


Devlin the Beagle Therapy Dog O239002CS0​


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire Chief Medical Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 O239002CS0


Commander Alex Blair Mission Specialist USS Gorkon T238906AB0