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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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(( Deck 11, Deflector Control - U.S.S. Gorkon))

::Lael shuddered. While she didn't normal mind small spaces, being stuck inside this tin can for months at a time with no shoreleave in sight was starting to get to her. The Deflector Control Room was small and cramped. Most of it was filled with consoles and equipment, leaving little standing room. ::

::It was one of those high pressure moments. They'd found a fissure that could possibly take them home. But the catch was if they didn't tune it just right, they could end up in another universe altogether. It didn't help that Erik Jansen was sticking close, waiting for a perfect moment to blow them to pieces.::

Reynolds: =/\= Deflector control, give me an update. =/\=

Sevo: =/\= We’re working on it, sir. This Romulan deflector array is finicky. =/\=

Rosek: =/\=I think we've almost got it.=/\=

Larant/Tyan: =/\= response =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= Engineering is trying to get our engines back online. You have until they do, and then we have to go. =/\=

Sevo: =/\= Understood. =/\=

Larant/Tyan: =/\= response =/\=

::Lael only prayed that this worked. God only knew where they'd end up if it didn't. For all they knew, the next stop would be worse than this one.::

Sevo: Larant, keep an eye on the power frequency. If this damn Romulan array gets too much of the wrong current, it’ll explode, along with us.

Larant: Response

Sevo: Rosek, watch the output of the deflector’s energies. We don’t want to emit them too fast. I don’t know how much it can handle.

Rosek: ::nods:: Last thing we need is for this thing to blow a hole in the ship the size of Jupiter Station.

::Lael grimaced as the screeching of the red alert klaxons reached her sensitive ears.::

Rosek: o0Great. Here we go again.0o

::Lael felt for her phaser, making sure it was in its holster at her side. She'd need to be quick on the draw if anyone came across them here.::

Sevo: You two-- :: Ayiana looked at Rosek and Larant. :: --keep working. We need to be ready when the time comes.

Rosek: ::nods:: Yes, ma'am.

Larant: Response

Sevo: We *have* to defend this room. :: Gesturing to Tyan. :: Come on, Ensign. Let’s make some friends.

Tyan: Response

::Lael's heart raced, the sounds of weapons' fire distracting her momentarily. She glanced at Larant. The woman was working furiously to ensure the deflector was calibrated right.::

Rosek: ::smiles:: Here's hoping we get out of this alive.

Larant: response


L​t​JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon