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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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((Outside XO’s Office, USS Veritas))
Lael sighed, trying to calm her nerves. Face-to-face conversations with superior officers had always been stressful for her. Despite the confidence she wore like a mask, she struggled with her confidence. Very few people knew her more vulnerable side. Chythar was only aware of it because the mental bond between them meant no secrets. Forcing a confident smile onto her face that she didn’t entirely feel, she pressed her thumb to the doorchime.::
Meanwhile, Mei’konda had been getting used to having an office again. It wasn’t the first time. That had been back on the Garuda, when he’d first taken on the role of Chief of Operations, which was a very different experience than being Operations Officer on the Veritas. Here, the entire crew was only slightly larger than the operations division on a Galaxy class ship, and the first officer’s office was small. He’d found he preferred it that way. ::
With just a small porthole above his desk looking out into space, he’d brought in several plants that did well in starship conditions, a few photos of he and Evan’s shore leave trips, and a few other personal effects. After the mission on Antor II, it had been a welcome respite to just… unpack. His ears perked as the doorbell rang. ::

Mei’konda: Come in, please.

The doors opened and she stepped over the threshold, her hands tucked behind her back as she forced her stiff body to relax. As she studied the Caitian, she noted that she had approximately 3 inches on him--a fact that she hadn’t noticed when they were working to stop the intruders during the last mission.::

Rosek: Lieutenant Lael Rosek reporting in, sir.

The Caitian had finished his reports a few minutes ago, and having a chance to trim one of the Caitian plants on his desk had been a good way to spend a short break. He laid down his shears, and looked up to study the woman. Tall, attractive, by human standards as he understood them, and with a steady, confident look about her. ::

Mei’konda: Ah, Lieutenant. Did we -- yes, I suppose we never did get a chance to get this formality out of the way, did we? The last few days were… busy, to say the least.

She nodded, exhaling softly as the nerves faded slightly. A soft smile touched her lips.::

Rosek: I’m glad to have the opportunity at last, sir. ::grins:: I regret that the poor timing of my arrival aboard the Veritas didn’t provide the opportunity for us to get acquainted sooner.

Tousling a few fingers through his short mane of hair, Mei’konda gestured toward the guest chair across from his, and eased himself down onto his own, threading his tail through the hole in the back. ::

Mei’konda: Your tiiming was perfect, Lieutenant. We needed you over Antor II. I do appreciaate you comiing at the end of your shift, Lieutenant. I know we could both use some rest.

Rosek: ::smiles and slides into the offered chair:: No problem at all, sir. No rest for the weary, I guess. I’m pretty used to being on call virtually 24/7, so all of this pales in comparison.

It had been a bit of a rude awakening how much of her time she actually spent on duty versus off duty, especially in crisis situations like the one on Antor II. She was certain her somewhat unique insomnia issues didn’t help matters. Her typical schedule had been thrown off kilter by the anxiety of the last few months and the vivid nightmares that had only gotten more vivid after the final piece had fallen into place, linking her and Chythar both mentally and emotionally without needing to touch.::
Nodding slightly in return, the Caitian swiveled his terminal’s screen more directly toward him, and tapped it off. He didn’t expect they’d be discussing anything formal enough that he’d need to have it on, and if he turned out to be wrong, he could always click the big gray button back on. ::

Mei’konda: I thiink that’s par for the course for anyone with starship duty, Lieutenant. Being staationed on a starbase was prediictable in comparison. Except for the medical depaartment, I suppose, but Doctors must have it that way anywhere.

Rosek: ::grins wryly:: I certainly feel like a medical officer sometimes with the odd hours I keep.

Mei’konda: Mmh. Engineers too, I suppose. So, you were assigned to the Gorkon previiously, yes? Captain Reynolds and I served together for some tiime, when she was fiirst officer of the Garuda. I’ve never served on a Sovereign class shiip. What did you thiink?

Rosek: ::nods:: She’s a strong commander. It was a good experience...mostly. ::pauses:: A few months into my service there, we got stuck in another universe for nearly a year and had a bounty on each of our heads the likes of which would make a Ferengi cry tears of joy.

Mei’konda frowned. He wasn’t a member of her crew, and wasn’t directly involved in the search for the missing vessel, though he’d seen the all-traffic bulletins back on Starbase 74 that she was missing, and after several months, presumed destroyed. So beyond that general information, he hadn’t heard a thing until now. It didn’t sound like fun. ::

Mei’konda: Alternaate universes. Troublesome at the best of tiimes, yes? We were all very haappy to hear that the Gorkon and her crew had maade it back.

Lael simply nodded, a lump forming in her throat. Those days weren’t fond memories. She was already plagued by nightmares while she slept. For the sake of her sanity, they were definitely not something she wanted to revisit in her waking hours.::
Mei’konda nodded slowly. A pause. Then, he decided he’d better bring up the elephant in the room, as he’d heard humans express it before. ::

Mei’konda: So, Lieutenant. Your assignment here did not staart out roughly just because of the crisis we faaced.

The Caitian spread his arms out in a gesture he hoped came across as understanding. ::

Mei’konda: I know that the Captain has already dressed you and Commander Walker down. Now, I want to know what I can do to help you feel more comfortaable here. You have an exemplary record. You’re a vaaluable officer to us.


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