SIM:Lael Rosek - A Fresh Start Part II (Veritas)

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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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Author's note: Lines for Rahman were taken from "Captain Rahman: Sin Cities"

(( Captain’s Ready Room, USS Veritas ))

:: As they stood outside the door to the Captain’s Ready Room, Alex stood behind Chythar Skyfire and noticed his partner hesitate to press the door chime. He understood the hesitation, not only did Chythar have a history with the captain, but it was a little nerve wracking transferring to a new, again. Alex leaned forward and lowered his voice. ::

Blair: ::whispering:: Everything okay?

Skyfire: Yeah. Just...been two years since ah last saw her.

:: Alex fought the urge to pull Chythar into a quick hug instead choosing to gently push his arm towards the button. ::

Blair: I get it, but we’ve got to go in.

:: With the nudge, CD’s hand found the button and the trio waited for an answer. ::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Good to know it’s not just me. I have no idea why I’m so nervous. I suppose I’m still shaken from that virus.

:: Alex nodded and smiled at the woman with whom he had only just started to get along with again. They had nearly lost their lives during their last mission aboard the USS Za due to that virus and Alex was grateful to be as far from that planet as possible.::

Blair: Could be, I’m just glad that Chythar, and his team, were able to find a cure.

:: The praise made him a little less nervous, but still. It had been a while. Chythar was hoping that Rahman wouldn’t bring up his reduction in rank and his own interaction with JAG. ::

:: Lael laid a supportive hand on Chythar’s shoulder, offering him emotional support through their connection.::

Rosek: ~Hey. It’s going to be fine. Relax.~

:: CD nodded slightly, but said nothing. He was not very good at the whole relaxing thing. Especially after recovering with bouts of temporary aphasia. He hadn’t tried stringing together more than two sentences for nearly the entire trip over. ::

Rahman: Come in.

Commander Alex Blair
SCE Liaison
USS Veritas


Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas
Training Team/Podcast Team


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Medical Officer
USS Veritas