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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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Author's note: This page contains text from "Captain Rahman: Sin Cities"

(( Captain’s Ready Room, USS Veritas ))

:: As the trio walked into the room, Chythar allowed his colleagues to offer their introductions first. This allowed him the time he craved to choose his words, so that he could attempt to be more articulate than he had been over the past week. ::

Rosek: ::stands at attention with her hands tucked behind her back:: Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Engineer, reporting for duty, ma’am.

:: In walked the three officers she had been expecting. She looked them over as each made their introductions. ::

:: Alex had been a Marine before attending Starfleet Academy, so there were many actions ingrained in his muscle memory. Snapping to attention was one of his old habits and as they came into the room, Alex did just so. ::

:: The next man snapped to attention almost with the same gusto as Ensign Fullus. ::

Blair: Commander Alex Blair, Starfleet Corps of Engineers liaison. Reporting as ordered Captain.

:: Finally, joining the two engineers was Dr. Skyfire, the one whom she'd known from a previous assignment. He looked a bit different since she last saw him, older of course but also standing in a more relaxed and confident stance befitting a veteran officer. ::

Skyfire: Dr. Chythar Skyfire, medical. It’s been too long since we last served together, Captain. Nearly two years. oO Wow. Three sentences. Oo

:: She nodded at the doctor. ::

Rahman: It has. You've seen your fair share of tours since we were last in the same room.

:: Lael observed the woman closely, her gaze flickering briefly to Chythar to gauge his reaction. He’d suffered the worst of all of them. He was still experiencing the aphasia, which she was fortunate she hadn’t had to endure. ::

:: Despite how exhausted he felt as a result of the antiserum, he was seemingly well composed. Chythar hid his impulse to wince by a well-timed blink. ::

Skyfire: Three transfers total. Columbia to Gorkon, then Gorkon to Za, then here nearly two years later. It was 239207.19, ah believe.

Rahman: Of course...

:: Roshanara glanced at the other two. The other woman Rosek was making her own assessments of her new captain, the Kriosian could tell. When their eyes met, Rosek's quickly darted downward. Roshanara smiled slightly and gestured to the two chairs in front of her desk and the small bench to the side for the three to sit.::

Rahman: Please, have a seat. First, let me welcome you aboard Veritas.

:: Alex listened silently as the two caught up, looking for a place to interject. ::

Blair: It’s a pleasure to meet you Captain.

:: Her smile warmed as she exchanged nods with the commander. ::

Rahman: Each of you offers skills and talent that is greatly needed for our mission, which is serving the people of this region. It's a challenging one for certain, but one that is worthwhile.

:: She paused as she looked across the gathered faces again. ::

Rahman: All right, what's with the weary faces? You three haven't been overindulging yourself in the New Macau nightlife, have you?

:: She said it in jest, but something told her it wasn't the bright lights, drinks, and gambling tables of the Coalition capital that had taken its toll on her new officers. ::

Rosek: ::smiles sheepishly:: We’re all still recovering from a virus we encountered during our last away mission. I’m still feeling a bit off-kilter.

:: Alex nodded in agreement choosing not to verbally respond, but also not quite feeling himself. ::

Rahman: Well I trust you will make sure to seek the proper care you need to fully recover.

Skyfire: Aye, captain. Ah’ll remind ‘em, even if ah ‘ave tae drag them to sickbay myself.

:: Alex nodded. Sickbay was the last place he wanted to go, especially since he didn’t think the CMO would let Chythar do his physical, but it came with the job.::

Blair: ::smiling:: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to get it done.

:: Lael merely nodded her agreement. ::

:: The other woman merely nodded.::

Rahman: Good. While you are in sickbay, that would be a good time to check in with our chief medical officer Dr. Ryan.

:: She turned towards Skyfire. ::

Rahman: Even if not for a full check up, then at least to make proper introductions.
Commander Alex Blair
SCE Liaison
USS Veritas


Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas
Training Team/Podcast Team


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Medical Officer
USS Veritas