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Flight of the Hawk

Relevant wiki entries: Juhani, Ebon Hawk, Starbase 118, StarBase 118 Deck Layout.

(( Freighter "Ebon Hawk" - Starbase 118 docking bay ))

:: The continual pacing of the Ebon Hawk's captain was making her crew more nervous than usual. As one of many freighters who operated on and frequently over the line between legal and illegal cargo transportation, the ship's crew had every right to be nervous, given the complete lockdown situation under which Starbase 118 was operating. The Caitain paused in her pacing long enough to glare at her pilot. ::

Juhani: Any new evolution?

:: To anyone who hadn't served with her for years, Juhani's statement wouldn't have made much sense. But most of the crew had gotten used to the fact that her Caitain accent was so strong that the universal translator sometimes had trouble doing its job properly - once in a while it would have to approximate her meaning, as in this case - she was, of course, asking if there had been any new developments. The pilot looked up. He was starting to sweat. ::

Tselios: Nothin' new. Still locked down. The comm officer won't even answer me anymore.

Juhani: Feces. This is not advantageous.

Tselios: No kiddin'. At least we...

:: As he trailed off, Juhani stalked up behind him. ::

Juhani: What is it?

Tselios: They... security. There are security guys. It looks like they're starting to search some ship.

Juhani: All ships?

:: He squinted as he looked out his biewport and watched the gold-collared officers spread out. ::

Tselios: No, no... looks like they're targetting specific ones.

:: Juhani stopped all movement. ::

Juhani: Which ones?

Tselios: Umm... I can see teams heading to the Yuvaus and... I think that's Kerrolin's ship. What's it called?

:: Juhani's claws dug into the back of her pilot's chair and her blood ran cold. ::

Juhani: The Farnham Three. Feces, feces, feces! The Yuvaus and the Farnham Three were both doing cargo runs for the Little Shop of Sundaes.

:: Tselios felt his bladder weaken a little bit as he thought about what the Ebon Hawk had in its refrigerated hold, secreted inside ice cream containers. ::

Juhani: We have to leave.

Tselios: What? But... the docking clamps...

:: She snarled at him and slapped the wall-mounted comm device. ::

Juhani: =/\= Ettick! Worst case scenario for damage if we were to break free of the docking clamps? =/\=

Ettick: =/\= Uh... decompression of the secondary hold. We're not connected to a critical area of the ship. Dare I ask why? =/\=

Juhani: =/\= We're leaving. Presently. Those male offspring of a female canine are searching the ships with stuff from Lakahn on their manifests.  :: beat :: Seal off the secondary hold and get up here. =/\=

(( Docking Control ))

:: The tired ensign had to rub his eyes and double-check what he was seeing. ::

Carter: =/\= Uh, Docking Control to Ebon Hawk. Station is still on lockdown - please shut down your engines. =/\=

:: No response. ::

Carter: =/\= Ebon Hawk, please resp-HOLY CRAP. =/\=

:: Jumping to his feet, Carter could only watch mouth agape as the Ebon Hawk tore free of its docking clamp with the high-pitched sound of rending metal. ::

(( Ebon Hawk ))

Juhani: Go, go, go!

Tselios: The bay doors are closed!

:: She smacked him hard on the back of the head. ::

Juhani: I said GO!

Carter: =/\= Ebon Hawk! This is Ensign Chris Carter! The station is in lockdown - repeat we are in lockdown! Please shut down... wait what are... Ebon Hawk, please respond! Why are you powering up your impule engines?! =/\=

Juhani: Tselios, full power to manouvering thrusters. Prepare for impulse on my mark.  :: beat :: =/\= Docking control, this is Ebon Hawk. Open your doors. =/\=

Carter: =/\= Negative, Ebon Hawk. Starbase 118 is in lockdown- =/\=

Juhani: =/\= I am going to impulse in thirty seconds. Open the doors or we're going through them. Ebon Hawk out. =/\=

(( Docking control ))

:: Carter just stared out the window for a moment, dumbfounded as the battered old freighter continued to cruise through spacedock toward the massive doors. It may not be the newest ship he'd seen ,the model was a sturdy one - it would do serious damage to the station if it hit those doors. ::