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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

(( Ensign Greyson's Quarters ))

::CD had left him alone in the room. He sat quietly thinking about what had been said, about what was going to happen, and what wasn't going to happen. He thought about his letter to the chief of engineering.::

(( Flashback -- Greyson's quarters, sometime within the last 48 hrs ))

To: Commander Core, Chief Engineer
From: Ensign Carter Greyson

Commander Core --

After a great deal of thought I am now sure of my desire to transfer to engineering. I now understand that knowing how something works will help me, not only in protecting myself, but help me to prevent the same from happening to someone else. I look forward to working with you.

Ensign Greyson

(( End flashback ))

::He thought about his conversation with Lt. Moonsong, and how much he wanted to become part of engineering. And just sat there contemplating it until a familiar sound jarred his thoughts -- that of his comm badge. ::

Core: =/\= Core to Greyson. =/\=

::It took him a moment to locate the badge, which he'd left attached to his shirt. Once he found it, he tapped and acknowledged.::

Greyson: =/\= Greyson here, sir. =/\=

Core: =/\= Come meet me down in Engineering. I've got a job for you. =/\=

Greyson: =/\= What's the job? =/\=

Core: =/\= One of the consoles from the power surge still needs to be replaced. I've only got one hand, and I'd prefer two. Plus, it's good experience. Interested? =/\=

Greyson: =/\= Heck yes, sir. Be right there. Greyson out. =/\=

::He changed into a fresh uniform and reattached the badge, then headed out the door once he was presentable. ::

(( Main Engineering ))

::Greyson walked in wearing a cheshire-cat-like grin as he looked around. This place, though he was told of its stressful times, seemed more at home to him than a tactical console. He wasn't sure why that was, exactly, but this was where he wanted to be. His conversation with the counselor had secured that belief in his mind.::

:: It took him only a few seconds to spot Core and Loupaz, though he didn't recognize the other person. He strode over to them and his smile faded slightly, but he was still smiling when he reported in. ::

Greyson: Ensign Greyson reporting for duty, sir.

Core: Ensign. ::He nodded his head.:: This is Petty Officer Loupaz.

::He nodded in acknowledgment to her and offered his hand for a handshake before the conversation continued.::

Greyson: Nice to meet you, ma'am. ::He added the ma'am out of habit, like a proper gentleman. Then he returned his attention to Core.:: I'd be happy to lend a hand, sir. I could probably use the refresher in the anatomy of a console anyway.

::He didn't shudder at the mention of consoles, nor make any remark about Moonsong's attempt to lock one on the bridge. oO That's an improvement. Oo he thought to himself.::

Core: Sure. Grab a tool kit - we'll head up to the shuttle bay.

::He grabbed a tool kit from one of the nearby lockers and followed Commander Core up to the bridge. ::

(( Turbolift ))

::He remembered the turbolift well. Many conversations were had, within the last few days. Dr. Rahman asking about his previous assignment as an escort to a parolee, then his confession to the counselor that he might be in love with either her or Chythar. Now, he was in the turbolift with the chief of engineering.::

Greyson: I'm guessing, then, that this is my first day as an engineer and the captain approved the request. Correct?

Core: If she hadn't, I certainly didn't get the memo.

::Greyson nodded. He knew there was probably a bit of paperwork still to be done. ::

Greyson: I'd be happy to assist filling out the necessary paperwork also, when we finish with the console. If that will help.

Core: I'm not aware of any paperwork that needs filling out. Then again, I'm not normally on the command's side of department transfers, so I guess we're both kind of new at this.

Ensign Carter Greyson
Tactical Officer/Aspiring Engineer
USS Garuda NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lt. Skyfire

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