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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

Starfleet Academy

During his time at Starfleet, he'd made a few friends. Not as many as he'd like, but just enough to keep him out of trouble.

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Kala Maddox
Friends throughout their years at the academy, though somewhat distant as they neared completion. He still feels deeply for her, regardless of the fact their love may never advance beyond brother and sister. As of this point in time, he doesn't know what happened to her. Last he heard, she was assigned to the USS Apollo and that was the very last time he'd heard anything.

Agatha Moirrey
Known to Carter and by several others as "Aggie", this impetuous young Terran was always capable of making him laugh and relax when he needed it most. He met her during his academy years, and the two became fast friends after circumstances drove him and Kala apart during that time. She had a knack for stepping in and lending an ear when he was having problems. Since he left, their relationship has withered into non-existence.

Outside of the Academy


Chythar Skyfire

These two met during their time on the USS Excalibur-A. While they never served on the same shift for longer than 10 minutes at a time, the shuttle to the USS Garuda was the longest both men had spent in the same room for longer than five minutes prior to their first day together on the Garuda. When Carter's console exploded on the bridge, Chythar was the first on the scene and diligently performed life-saving surgery to stabilize the young ensign. He had no idea that what he was actually doing was saving his future room mate. Once shore leave hit, the two men found that they were assigned to the same room. Carter had to face the fact his infatuation with Chythar may just be a passing phase of hero worship because the doc saved his life.

Skyfire: What's up, Carter?
Greyson: :: blushed, then took a breath. :: I wanted to talk to you about some things. Namely, about your saving my injured tail during our first mission.
Skyfire: What about it? To me, it was just part of the job. Not like you owe me anything.
:: The fact that CD was just able to brush it off like it was nothing should have said something to Carter about how interested he was in pursuing a relationship. ::
Greyson: I feel that I do owe you something though. And I've kinda developed a crush on you It may be misplaced gratitude because you saved my life. I don't know what this is.
:: The doc's eyebrows raised. He wasn't interested in another relationship right now. Mostly because he didn't know if he was ready for another one. His discussions with Gabi hadn't been about a sexual relationship, they'd been a casual friends type of discussion where he was learning social techniques. ::
Skyfire: Carter... :: Pause. oO Find the right words. Oo :: You're a good kid. And I like you as a friend. But right now, I'm not in a position to begin a romance. Eventually, that may change...but I need space and time to figure that out.

Lt Chythar Skyfire and Ens. Carter Greyson Quarters Swap - SD 239110.03
They were later reunited when Carter had taken an LoA from Starbase 118 Ops and retrieved Devlin, who CD had left on Astrofori One. They talked about Carter returning to active duty and also the events which had more transpired over the last year. It was a brief reunion, but long enough for them to enjoy being in the same universe again.

Gabrielle Porchevska

The two were trapped in a turbolift aboard DSX, and had to smack Carter over the head with a clue-by-four regarding his feelings for the counselor. She told him that Ris liked him back, and now that he wasn’t a patient he had to contact her in order to get anywhere. She recently made the comment that the only time she sees him are when he comes into sickbay, so he will endeavor to rectify the situation once he has time.



Tristam Core
Friend & Mentor

Sometime after his incident on the bridge with the tactical console, it was pointed out to him that his hands were shaking. During a conversation with the captain and the acting chief engineer, the possibility of a permanent transfer to engineering came up followed by retraining, thus allowing him to finish SFA's engineering program with Cmdr. Core as a mentor. He had to discuss it with his counselor, and shortly after his meeting with her he realized he was committed to becoming an engineer. He went through one mission without the paperwork to back it up, then took steps to enroll himself in the distance learning Engineering program.

During the recent plant catastrophe, Core sprung a pop-quiz on the young ensign. Carter doesn't know if he passed, but the fact he was able to remain in control of the vessel as long as he did before he became injured was a marvel in of itself. After the high-pitched whine, Carter was hauled to sickbay.
At a later point, Tristam was deemed medically unfit to do his job, and thus Carter wound up earning the field promotion to provisional lieutenant junior grade. He didn't serve long in this capacity before he was transferred to the USS Columbia.

Roshanara Rahman
Friend & Mentor

Carter and Roshanara began their association on mixed terms: she was in JAG custody on the USS Garuda while he was a tactical officer. Since then, he's seen her as a professor, a superior, and a friend. She promoted him temporarily to provisional lieutenant JG and acting chief of engineering, but he did not serve long in this position before his transfer to the USS Columbia. Some time later, fate twisted again and he was able to return to the Invicta, serving there briefly before joining her on the USS Syracuse for a short time before his assignment as assistant chief of engineering aboard the USS Veritas.


Nikki Ryan
Friend & Mentor

They've been serving together for a while during their tour aboard the USS Syracuse. During that time, Carter had gotten to know her briefly in the gold collar, but it wasn't until she transitioned from gold to teal aboard the USS Veritas that he'd actually had a prolonged conversation with her.


Luna Walker
Friend & Mentor

Carter and Luna have served together aboard the Invicta briefly before she got shipped off somewhere that wasn't the Syracuse. Since the launching of the Veritas, Carter has been her right hand in the engine room and has been trying to learn the ins and outs of what it means to be chief. He'd inquired about taking more responsibility on the ship itself, then got transferred to SAR. Eventually, she transferred without warning.



Raissa Moonsong
Former counselor & ex-girlfriend

Carter's initial meeting with Raissa was short, abridged. His first actual counseling session with her proved more insightful, and she helped him solidify his desire to transfer to engineering. His incident on the bridge involving the exploding tactical console made it clear that he doesn't belong behind one unless he's fixing it or re-configuring it from an engineering console. It took him a while to realize he felt more for her than what he had admitted during their one and only counseling session.

During his time on Deep Space X and on first mission as an engineer, he was trapped in a turbolift with Gabrielle Porchevska (see below). She helped him realize that he needed to talk to Raissa about how he felt and take initiative on the relationship. During her recuperation in sickbay, he confesses his love to the counselor. It isn't long after she is released that they take their first dinner together.
Their relationship had gone smoothly until a visit from the Community and plants invaded their ship. The tension rose between them because Raissa took on the role of ambassador to the Community without consulting him.
During a picnic with Saveron, Saavok, Alora DeVeau, and Raissa Moonsong, he gives her a hug and repairs the rift that had formed between them. He didn't mean to destroy the friendship by telling her he needed space, but wanted to reaffirm that he was there for her.
During the shore leave following his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, he met with Ris in the arboretum and the two of them broke up. He had promised her that he wouldn't walk away again, and now was on the receiving end of such a blow. He wandered off to engineering before his anger changed his target from himself to her.

Greyson: Computer, halt turbolift. :: He paused. Took a slow breath, and then spoke again as he met her gaze. His own eyes had softened slightly from the angry glare that he gave the console while they were on the bridge. :: Our...last conversation, in Ten Forward...ended rather abruptly. This conversation about the console has helped, it weird that you seem to have stirred another emotion in me besides the anger overcoming the fear at the console?
:: She was surprised that he halted the turbolift. And then doubly surprised at his words. She looked up at him, feeling warm color touch her face. ::
Moonsong: :: she kept her tone neutral :: Possibly gratitude. This is common and acceptable, Ensign. Don’t worry. That, like the fear, will pass as well.
Greyson: :: shaking his head :: No, it’s...I can’t explain why it doesn’t… :: He bit his lip, realizing he probably wasn’t making any sense. He took another breath and tried again. :: It’s not gratitude. It’s a sense of attraction, I guess.

Carter returned to the Invicta following his visit to Earth to return Devlin to his master. Once they learned of the new transfer orders, he met with Raissa in the lounge and they talked for a few minutes about trying to become friends. However, this wasn't to be. They have fallen out of touch since.

Anjar Thoran
Propulsion Systems Officer & Current Romantic Interest What originally started out on the Veritas as a casual "we work together, no fraternization" turned to a strong "Need to help you through things" after an away team was presumed lost. This resulted in Thoran getting a talking-to while Carter collectively kept his head and tried to track the signal. The desire to help Anjar become a better man has grown stronger since, but it wasn't until their odd date in the structural integrity field generator housing that he admitted it. The oddness of the date itself was more due to location than anything. It grew serious, funny, and serious again before ending.

Greyson: Ris and I...broke up for reasons. It was the only serious relationship I’ve had in my life, and it took me a long time to get over it. Then I found you. :: He paused and took a breath. :: Ever since Havley’s Hope... Don’t ask me how I knew. Maybe it was the way you processed the disappearance of the away team that made me realize how much I...I felt for you.

Anjar tensed. That mission was a mess and a half. A grimace slid across his features. He still remembered the talking-to he’d gotten from Core. He was half tempted to push for Lieutenant Commander if only so that fewer people would have that advantage over him. But then...if somebody had a strong enough personality like Core did, Anjar doubted they’d hold back even if they were the same rank.

Thoran: :: sighs. :: Not one of my finer moments.

Greyson: I know. I was there too. Not one of mine either, because I’d lost Chythar’s signal -- but that’s irrelevant to the point I am making here. I felt...drawn to help you through that.

Lieutenants Carter Greyson & Anjar Thoran: Odd Date Part II - SD 239109.25