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:: Foster was having serious misgiving about his impromptu deceit. There was no archivist named Narra here or anywhere else. It's just that Foster secretly hoped that the Suliban woman will answer negatively and send them away. His plans misfired, of course. ::

:: He looked at Kaedyn asking for help. ::

Zehn: What my colleague means is we are only in the city for a short time and we were very keen to see the exhibition.

:: The Suliban looked at them, seemed to consider the unexpected arrival of the two men before nodding. ::

Suliban: Yes, if you follow me.

:: As she turned her back and walked away, Kaedyn mouthed the world "tricorder" to Foster and then moved forward so he was walking alongside her. The intelligence officer started to ask various questions in a loud voice. Foster fell behind and fished out his tricorder, trying to keep it in his palm inconspicuously and glancing at its screen now and then. They were not alone. The device showed at least five other lifeforms in the building and some powered machinery at work. Not of your usual heater or replicator kind. Something more serious. ::

:: The Suliban lead them down a long corridor and at the very end, ushered them into a large circular room. Foster followed them blindly, looking more at the tricorder readings than around himself. ::

Suliban: Please wait here.

:: Before they could respond, she closed the door and left them alone in the room. Kaedyn rushed over and tried to open it. ::

Zehn: Locked. Have you got anything because this doesn't look good?

:: Foster lifted his head and only now realised they were in a trap. ::

Foster: I must've expected this… :: He looked at his tricorder as he swept it around. :: This place is shielded.

Zehn: Response.

:: A short blip came out of their badges. Foster touched his, but got no sound - just a hiss of static. ::

Foster: Someone is trying to contact us, but doesn't get through. :: He looked at the massive door that was barring their exit. :: And no, I don't have a pick for this lock, but…

:: Foster cragged his head and looked at the ceiling of the chamber. High above them - at 10 metres or so were small windows that were letting in outside light. ::

Foster: We need to get some signal out. :: He opened his bag and took out two heavy metallic probe balls. They looked like grenades, except the probes had several apertures for instrument scan and transmission. :: Here… :: giving one probe to Lt. Zehn :: …set it to your intel frequencies and try to smash some window. I'll set mine to the science beacon and try another window.

Zehn: Response

:: Foster didn't want to set the probes to emergency frequencies. Sure, those would be picked by the local law enforcement immediately, but it would be a bad idea to be picked up by local policemen. The word of their misfortune would spread and the Captain would be in a tight spot to deal with a couple of his luckless officers. ::

:: If, however the signal would be picked up by their own intelligence or by Lt. Matthews on his environment scan, they could hope for much more discreet assistance. Foster set his probe to imitate the readings of a lush forest on Risa. He was sure Matthews would pick this up as something strange and, hopefully, worth investigating. ::

Foster, weighing a probe in his hand: Shall we?

Zehn: Response


Lt. Harold Foster
Chief Science Officer
USS Vigilant, NCC-75515