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Lieutenant S'dor Grumm was a Brikar formerly serving as the Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Arrow. He is currently considered M.I.A. and presumed dead.

Missing in Action
Lt. S'dor Grumm.png
S'dor Grumm
Position Assistant Chief of Engineering
Rank Lieutenant
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Born 2325
Missing 237603.18 (aged 51)


  • Height: 7 feet 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue


Mother: Duna Grumm

Father: Turr Grumm

Pet: Yip (A furl, a Brikar animal resembling a dog.)


Born and raised in the Gyn Highlands on Brikar, S'dor had a typical Brikarian childhood including schooling and mandatory military training. When he was ten, his parents gave him a pet Furl who he named Yip for his birthday.

After finishing basic schooling, and completing his mandatory military service, S'dor left his homeworld for the first time. Yip in tow he went to attend the Damous Technical School on Tellar Prime to study Electric Engineering. After interacting with a diverse group of students from Federation and Non-Federation worlds, he first began to dream of joining Starfleet.

After graduating he returned home and found a job in his hometown fixing civilian starships . His Starfleet dreams began to dwindle, even as his wanderlust began to stir. Accepting a job near his alma mater, he ran into one of his old teachers, a retired Starfleet Admiral who's personal craft he repaired and upgraded for a discount. After establishing a repertoire with the man,he was given the recommendation letter that a member of a non-member species needed to be considered for the Academy,

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2370 - 2374 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 2397404.09 -237412.15 USS Firebrand Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade SD 237412.15 - 237502.09 USS Firebrand Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 237502.09-237511.06 USS Arrow Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 237511.06-237603.18 USS Arrow Assistant Engineering Chief
Lieutenant 237603.18-Present Missing In Action Missing In Action (Presumed Dead)

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