Roraemey Naf

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USS Astraeus
Mivon say Siniun Nunviv say Fi Nahe say Roraemey Naf
Position Refugee
Rank Civilian
Species Suyuyan
Gender Female
DOB 238309.21
Age 17
Birthplace Mivon say Siniun Nunviv (Suyuyan Hive Ship "Eighth Child of the Root")
Writer ID M239510JH0

Mivon say Siniun Nunviv say Fi Nahe say Roraemey Naf (lit. "Far-Flyer from the Ship Family from the Eighth Child from the Root", AKA Roraemey Naf, Roraemey, "Rosemary") is a refugee from a lost Suyuyan Hive Ship, currently in residence aboard the USS Astraeus.


  • Length (Typical): 55 cm (1'9")
  • Weight: 9.05 kg (20 lbs)
  • Description: In her typical configuration, Roraemey resembles certain species of Earth nudibranchs or sea slugs. However, as a semi-protoplasmic organism her body shape is highly mutable and capable of stretching and contorting into a wide variety of shapes and configurations.


Roraemey adopted a semi-symbiotic relationship with Sheila Bailey shortly after she was discovered aboard the USS Montreal on stardate 239605.09. Roraemey has been able to provide Bailey with assistance in coping with the Earth-standard gravity aboard Federation ships, and receives nourishment from the infrared radiation Bailey puts off. Bailey has taken to calling Roraemey "Rosemary". Roraemey has come to regard Bailey as a ship-sister, and possibly a friend as well.


Roraemey was budded off of her mother, Mivon say Siniun Nunviv say Fi Nahe say Romisi Nirâ (lit. "Stellar Researcher from the Ship Family from the Eighth Child from the Root"), in 2383. The identity of the male Suyuyan who pollinated her mother is not known and not considered important by Suyuyan social custom. As all Suyuyan children are, she was known only as Noâ Vir (lit. "Her Fruit") until she matured enough to earn the name "Roraemey Naf" and join her ship family in 2387.

In 2396, while returning to her hive ship after a scouting expedition, she discovered the ship missing, and subsequently found herself trapped within the force-field of the USS Montreal. She was injured while trying to disable the field from within the ship, and then made first contact with members of the crew. She was surprised to discover that she could communicate with the crew members, who she thought of as non-sapient "rosivuh rur" (lit. "life eaters") due to Suyuyan cultural beliefs about non-photosynthetic organisms. She agreed to stay with Ensign Sheila Bailey during the evacuation of the doomed Montreal, and currently resides with Bailey in her quarters.