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Reporter Issue 1
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  • Issue Number: 1
  • Issue Date: 237306.20
  • Editor: Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist

Reporter Archive Index

Submissions are welcome. Please submit to Elinor of Kanist by the 20th of each month. Captains, please submit plot outlines for your ships by the 20th of each month.


One of our Admirals, Yohan Bach, has resigned from the UFOP in order to pursue a career as a diplomatic officer for a Star Wars sim group.

An awards ceremony is currently being planned for all outstanding simmers! If you wish to submit any people for an award, please contact Admiral Wolf at before July 15th. More details as coalesence.


The USS Alliance, Centris, and Isannah are all currently accepting applications for new simmers.

  • USS Centris needs: Helm
  • USS Chicago needs: Engineering, Science


USS Centris:

We have just successfully completed an encounter with the Enterprise J and some future Nitrogen Beings who were using our vessel to correct their timeline. We lost five crew members during this mission, and their loses are keenly felt. We are now en route back to the Alpha Quadrant (we are lost in the Gamma Quad).

USS Chicago

We are currently engaged with the Klingons and Vareilians over a trade dispute that may also implicate Rubicun III. It seems that the Vulcan terrorist, Tarlok, is attempting to stop a trade treaty from being formed.

The ship is about to enter a battle for which it is badly outnumbered and outweaponed. It's Captain, Magaera Tyve, remains in critical condition.


I am sitting across from Lieutant Commander Alis Hege, a 26 year old Betazed engineering officer whose service record is already impressive.

Alis, why did you choose to pursue a career in Starfleet?

Well, Captain, I'd have to say that the main reason I joined Starfleet was the extreme challenge. But, I also wanted to bring honor to my family since I am the last in my line. My life on Earth was if something was missing. ::raises a hand to her chin in thought:: I felt that Starfleet would give me a unique life experience and - perhaps - a new perspective on my Betazed heritage.

Have you had the opportunity to better explore your Betazed heritage or to expand on your natural empathic talents?

My Betazed heritage. For some reason, I've never had that much interest in pursuing my telepathic abilities. That is why, although I'm a full Batazed, my status is very low.

What has been your most satisfying challenge to date?

I know that you're probably expecting an answer that has to do with my experience in enginerering, but I think that the most interesting challenge that I've had to deal with was on Rilion IV. We had shipwide malfunctions and couldn't figure out the cause. It turned out that my best friend, Marian Jeaju, was a traitor. It was terrible to deal with it emotionally.

Yes, the Rilion incident. Most tragic. Why, after that, did you choose engineering? Weren't you first in science?

Actually during my posting on Rilion, I was in charge of the mission. That was, however, only because our goal was science- and engineering-related. In fact, it was my service there that finalized my decision to be an engineer. Before that, I was torn between science, engineering, and medical. ::smiles::As you can see, I'm very scientifically oriented.

What do you have planned for your future?

I'm not sure of my future ambitions just yet. I normally like to think of one task at a time, and right now that entails helping my ship.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I wish I could fit in more time to practice my violin...! ::grins::


  • If you wish to be taken off our mailing list, please notify Fleet Captain Elinor.
  • If you wish for your real name and other data NOT to be published on our simmers list, please write Admiral Wolf at pronto.