Reporter Issue 2

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Reporter Issue 2
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  • Issue Number: 2
  • Issue Date: 237307.20
  • Editor: Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist

Reporter Archive Index

Submissions are welcome. Please submit to ElinorKani by the 20th of each month. Captains, please submit plot outlines for your ships by the 20th of each month.


UFOP has decided to be more interactive, that is, to have our ships interact with each other and otherwise behave more in sync. Therefore, we need to add another rule. If a simmer wishes to be assigned to more than one ship, they must create a new, separate character for each ship. That way, Android Dan on the Centris and Android Dan on the Isannah don't ever have the perplexing situation of meeting each other on an united mission. If you have one character on more than one ship currently, please write Admiral Wolf to correct the problem. If you have any questions about this new policy, please feel free to write me.


The following people are to be congratulated on their promotions.


Congratulations to these new Star Fleet Officers.

  • Ensign Sasha has just been assigned to the USS Chicago.
  • Ensign Arvanon has just been assigned to the USS Centris.
  • Ensign BJ has just been assigned to the USS Isannah.
  • Ensign Randor has just been assigned to the USS Centris.
  • Ensign Elny has just been assigned to the USS Chicago.
  • Ensign Shan'Tak has just been assigned to the USS Isannah.
  • Lieutenant Commander Aldus, after a hiatus, has rejoined simming aboard the USS Centris.
  • The USS Chicago has the following position open: COM

Please contact first officer Lieutenant Jeff Pelletier for details.



The USS Isannah is alongside the Chicago, trying to discover what caused a deathly illness, that killed 3. The Chicago was not affected by this, but requested our assitance in disabling a Vereiien Warship and 5 Klingon Birds Of Prey ( of a seperate Klingon Faction, outside the Empire. ) After a heavy battle which caused great damage, the Isannah will be heading back to Starbase 118 for repairs and a few days vacation. We are saddened to have to report that Doctor Torac was killed in a holographic accident. He has been replaced by Doctor Alan Crichell. Welcome to the UFOP, Doctor!


Still in the gamma quadrant, we are trudging along home as best as we can. We have recently completed an interesting experience with a race of Nitrogen Beings who traveled back in time in order to use our ship. Their time line had become "tangled" and they required our unwitting help in getting it back on track. Once that was resolved, the enormous difficulties our ship faced were lifted. Now, we have entered the Ixius system, in the hope of reaching its fifth planet, which we believe can help us restock for the journey home.


Called to answer a request by Rubicun III, in the circumstance of the Klingon murder of seven of their people, we have found ourselves in an ever-increasing quandry. A Vareiian vessel rescued the Klingons we were bringing into custody, and we were forced to call on the Issanah for assistance. The Issanah came to our assistance, and together we successfully disable the Vareiian vessel and its Klingon reinforcements. We have now boarded the Vareiian vessel, and are currently in crisis with a Rubicun vessel, which has boarded the Chicago.


I am seated with Ensign Galen Jennings, Counselor aboard the USS Chicago under the command of Captain Magaera Tyve. Ens. Jennings is a male Bajoran on his first tour of duty. He is single, at 26 years of age.

Why did you choose to join Starfleet, Ensign?

My brother's dream was to go into starfleet and become the Captain of a ship. He was taken hostage by a group of Romulans near the neutral zone during an excursion. I've heard many rumors some say he's dead and others say he is a hostage on Romulus. It is my sincere hope that I one day know the truth. If he is alive I pray to the prophets that I will be given the opportunity to be reunited with him. I was a dreamer with no real direction until this occurred. Now his dream has become my dream.

Is that why you have gone into counseling, because of your experience losing your brother?

That is part of the reason I went into counseling. I like to help people in the best way I know how. I feel many people avoid dealing with their emotional sides but dealing with your emotions and understanding them strengthens us, well those of us that have emotions anyways.

On a personal note, and non-Federation activities you enjoy?

I enjoy relaxation on Reisa IV and a good challenge. My hobbies are playing my galactic synthesizer and studying the emotional states and responses of new lifeforms.

What are your ambitions for your career?

My first objective right now is to learn as much as possible. I know being an ensign I am very raw and they are many quality officers I can learn from. Eventually I would like to be a captain and have my own ship to command. Perhaps the most important thing is to remember the journey along the way to my dream of being captain.

What has been your most horrific experience since becoming a Starfleet Officer?

Well this is an interesting question to say the least. I was on a mission on a planet called Rubicon IV. Their laws require no violence on their planet. If you disobey this law you are put to death. Before we left for the surface of our away team mission our Commander ordered us not to fire. During the away team mission I was left in charge and a group of renegade Klingons, who we were currently investigating for the deaths of a group of Rubicons, beamed down to the surface and opened fire. The Klingons had beamed to strategic points and hit one of our security officers and had two others pinned. I ordered another security officer and myself to fire at a rocky plateau right where the Klingons were. We cut off the path of the Klingons and were beamed up to the ship. Had I not reacted like that two and quite possibly three security officers would surely be dead. However I knowingly disobeyed the laws of the Planet and the orders of my Commanding officer. I was given a formal and permanent reprimand on my record In my heart I know I saved three lives and feel I did the right thing. However I did disobey an order and understand that must be dealt with as the commanding officer sees fit. I respect my commanding officer and the decision which she made. It was the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my starfleet career. I also may still face charges back on Rubicon IV. If for some reason I am put to death for my actions on Rubicon IV I consider it an acceptable sacrifice, three lives for one.


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