Rence Prachett

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USS 'Oumuamua
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Rence Prachett
Position Facilities Management
Rank Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade
Species Rigelian
Gender the 4th one
DOB 23703.21
Age 31
Birthplace Rigel IV

Rence Prachett is a Rigelian warrant officer working in facilities management onboard the USS Oumuamua.


  • Height: 200 cm (6 ft, 7 in)
  • Weight: 91 kg (200 lbs)
  • Hair Color: White/Silver/Gray
  • Eye Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Style: Long, pulled back, traditional braids


Rence was born on a starship to a Rigelian family serving in Starfleet. Growing up on a variety of ships, he became very familiar with their operations and eventually enlisted. He has also developed a number of hobbies including various dice games, zero-g sports, poetry, and collecting new species that he's seen in person.