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  • Hair: Pitch Black
  • Eyes: Greenish Yellow (A very rare color)
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Fielding Level: Advanced (Rena's Ability is higher than that of an everyday Laudean, but no where near near the level of a coven member)
  • Informant to The Orion Syndicate
  • Also Known As: Valtina Youn (only used when dealing with the Laudean public)

Quotes & Thoughts

-Embassy Sim #103-

  • "Their very presence here is an insult to our people, Look at them they are so, so ... alien."
  • "I could not foresee that my action to bomb their first embassy would cause the damage. This time caution is preferred."

-Embassy Sim #128-

  • oO They have children with them! Oh happy day, children make the best hostages. This changes everything. I enjoying the thought of hurting them far too much, what has hatred of these people done to me, no, I can not let these kinds of feelings keep me from my goal of protect our culture. If I simply allowed us to join the Federation we would be lost, just another plate of resources in a sea of aliens. Oo
  • "How could I, how could I not use this advantage? They will know we mean business, this is even better than bombing their embassy. This way we can make them know fear for their loved ones."
  • "Alright, you were aware that since the bombing I have worked alone, some blame me for Starfleet being set here."

-Embassy Sim #542-

  • "I wish we could attack the Federation's starship as well, but we are no match for them. Attacking transports is almost even better. It will cause other worlds to fear shipping to Til'Hon."
  • "As long as they fight here so the people will see them, and wish them all gone."

-Embassy Sim #2160-

  • "I have bombed their first embassy, kidnapped the prime minster's daughter, engaged in a fire fight with Starfleet officers, stole a Romulan ship to attack one of their transports, oh and killed the mid-wife who delivered the alien baby in the marketplace. Oh and Taza and I are the reason that the three embassies are currently having computer trouble."
  • "A few bombs and attacks are what I was thinking but that is just my style."

-Embassy Sim #2215-

  • Although Rena hardly ever came to this place she enjoyed being here, it was under a false name that she used when she needed to properly blend with the Laudean public. It was a typical middle class Lokesh apartment: it had a master bedroom, an office/spare bedroom, a living room, full kitchen and breakfest nook, typical style furnishings and a nice decor. Sometimes here Rena felt like the dark underworld that was her chosen path didn't exist, that it was just a program on an entertainment channel. That she was just a normal Laudean woman living in Lokesh. But those feelings never lasted long and her mind returned to her duty at hand, reporting to the Orion Syndicate.

-Embassy Sim #2274-

  • The door opened and out came not Rena but a blue eyed, blonde

haired, Starfleet officer.

  • "Oh captain what ever shall we do about nasty Paetra

Zrong." ::She said teasingly, then her lips curled in a vicious smile::