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Phase 1: Tales of the Lost Souls

Prometheus Station, before it went silent

In response to the crisis at Prometheus Station, the USS Darwin was immediately recommissioned in the Zeta Gelis region under the command of Commander Renos. While Starfleet had been looking to establish a stronger presence in the area — a region ripe with potential for scientific discovery and exploration—for some time, a distress call from a Starfleet survey vessel being pulled into an unidentified phenomenon has prompted the emergency response. With fears that the phenomenon is the latest complication of the Prometheus Incident and the role of the mysterious Zalkonians still unknown, Starfleet tasked Commander Renos to assemble a team of officers from across the fleet.

USS Dunbar

In the Conference Room on Deck 1 of the Darwin, Renos explained their mission and that Starfleet Sciences & Technologies were concerned that the anomaly may be related to the Prometheus Incident. With the Dunbar disabled, missing its chief engineer, and being drawn towards the anomaly, the Darwin crew needed to respond quickly. LtJG Traenor provided a little background on the Prometheus Incident, and how the anomaly affecting the Dunbar may be related. Cmdr Jorey raised concerns about outside influence, with special emphasis on the regions’ primary antagonists, the Zalkonians. One weapon in particular, the Anoxia Field, is particularly dangerous due to its effects on the systems of affected ships. Ens Valdivia, with his expertise, offered to try and devise countermeasures. Lt Shedet, familiar with the region, expressed concern that there was more than the Zalkonians on the minds of the region’s inhabitants. Lt Peters was among the first to volunteer for the Away mission to the Dunbar, as well as Lt Dragumov.

In response to the possible threat of the Zalkonian's Anoxia Field, there was speculation among the bridge crew about how best to contact the crew of the derelict freighter off their bow. In an example of great minds thinking alike, both Ens Valdivia and Jellico independently propose the use of a Darwin shuttlecraft to act as a communications relay, thereby isolating the Darwin herself from the effects of the computer weapon.

Elsewhere, on the Dunbar, the crew and the captain were exhausted and barely holding on. They were elated to receive word from the Darwin and relayed news about their status including sporadic system failures.

An Away team led by Cmdr Jorey boarded the distressed Dunbar via shuttlecraft, with the risk of the Zalkonians being nearby precluding the use of transporters. Jorey enlisted Dragumov, Peters, Jellico, Lexicon, Malon, and Yael to accompany him.

On the bridge, Traenor and Valdivia continued to study the effects of the anomaly within the Zeta Gelis cluster, trying to predict how long the Away team would safely have to assist the freighter. Several theories and actions are discussed, but the final diagnosis was that only a few hours remained until the Dunbar was irretrievably caught in thrall of the rift, unless power could be reestablished and the ship drawn away from its gravity well.

Phase 3: Razor's Edge

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