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Poll of the Week Team
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Since its inception in 2014 (That's 2391 to us) the Poll of the Week has been a source of intriguing inquiries, pondersome proposals and though-provoking examinations. Though the team has changed significantly over the years, the goal has remained the same; continue to create questions that spark thought, debate or ideas that might not have occurred otherwise. In some cases, the polls simply ask for preference (what was your favourite episode in season X of Star Trek: Y?). Other times, more vigorous cognition is required to come to an informed opinion. In either case, the primary purpose of the Poll of the Week is to entertain and engage discussion, and considering the fact that the Poll of the Week team is still going strong half a decade after its creation, it seems clear that this small community has succeeded, and will continue to do so for some time.

Team Member Duties

Each member of the Poll of the Week Team will endeavour to complete the following tasks as indicated.

  • Brainstorm intriguing poll questions.
  • Edit and offer constructive criticism on poll questions
  • Post said questions on a regular basis to both the dedicated forums and WordPress.
  • Engage and encourage discussions held regarding the polls.

Fleet Participation

We very much value any and all input from the fleet. As such, we would love to feature poll ideas that members of this great community propose. While any member in good standing has always been encouraged to submit their ideas for consideration, the process for doing that has been less than clear.

To that end, a new form has been created so those poll ideas can be suggested simply, effectively and easily. The form will ask you for the basic question you want to ask and will prompt you to offer suggestions for responses. This is done so that team members that wish to utilize the idea have a better grasp of what is being proposed, and can better format the poll. The link to the form is on the top right of this page, under the fleet logo and forum link.

Poll of the Week Team Members

Em aka Jo Marshall (talk)
Yogan Yalu.png
Yogan Yalu (talk)
LT tahna meru.png
Tahna Meru (talk)
Genkos Adea.png
Genkos Adea (talk)

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