Plica Phyllis

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Amity outpost
Plica Phylis
Position Emergency physician
Rank Crewman 3rd Class
Species Phylosian
Gender None
DOB 227706.01
Age 123
Birthplace Phylos II

Veritas NPCs
About the Writer

Crewman Third Class Plica Phyllis is a 123-year-old Phylosian emergency physician crewmember aboard the Amity. S/he is a Phylosian that left his home planet after a century living and learning to become a specialist in his species best attitude about the medical practice. Not willing to undergo the rigors of the academy at that point in his life, he devoted himself as a crewman aboard different ships in a regular medical service. When the Veritas was sent to the Shoals and a request for NCO to go there, he choosed to volunteer to experience different environment and service. The chance to serve with the SAR team, where he’ll be on the edge and help those more in need made him accept the offer when it was given to him.

After the Veritas crew was recalled for the ship to undergo refit and the crew under Roshanara Rahman was reassigned, Plica returned to his home planet to have some extended shore leave and apply for the specialty of Emergency Physician. Once achieved she returned to Starfleet duty and an offer to go to the remote Amity outpost on the Delta Quadrant was available and s/he accepted it. As of the final quarter of 2398, s/he arrived to the outpost and began to get to know the delta quadrant species.