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Anyone is welcome to create, or place an existing, character in the hatchery, but we do ask that you follow some guidelines, which can be found below.

Start with a template

To create a character for the hatchery start with the {{subst:Biosimple}} template that can be found by heading to the Creation and Upkeep of a Character Page tutorial. Once you have applied your template to your new page you can then proceed to create a character to place in the hatchery.

Alternatively, if you’ve got an existing Character and don’t want to retire, delete, or kill it off, feel free to place it up for Adoption. Though, we do have some guidelines for you to follow before your character is an acceptable Adoption Candidate. Like a new character, we would also like to see you convert it’s wiki page over to {{subst:Biosimple}}. Please note that until the Hatchery Sidebar Template is created we would rather not have sidebars on Hatchery Characters. In addition, some place on the page please include links to a sim archive and Starfleet records, this step is of course assuming you had any of that created in the first place.

Leave room to grow

Don't paint the character into a corner. Remember that a new member may be adopting this character, so it's best not to flesh out the character completely. Your intention here is to start with an interesting character, and a compelling, but simple history. You want to leave room for the adopting member to take the character and make it their own. They will need the opportunity to create some of their own backstory, and change things as they see fit. So, while you do want to create an interesting character, you don't want to create a complete character -- leave that up to the person who adopts the character.

Add the category

All characters being prepared for adoption from the hatchery need to be added to the correct hatchery category. Simply add the categories below to the character page you have created:


And then if you are creating a new Character add this Category:


If you are placing an existing Character Up for Adoption use this Category:


Cut the cord

Now that you've created your character, and have placed it in the hatchery area, you need to be prepared to cut the cord. Basically: be prepared to see your character completely changed in the hands of someone else. You must be prepared for the adopting member to completely run with your character -- possibly in a completely different direction than you had intended. Those who create characters for adoption may not contact the adopting member to ask that they change or tweak the way they are playing the character. This is both uncouth and unfair.

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