Phoenix-C Main Bridge

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Bridge Layout

The bridge module is three decks. The lowest deck is the conference room. It's a multi-purpose room, capable of dividing into two smaller rooms if need be. A collapsible table is hid in compartments in the floor when not in use. If needed, it can be assembled quickly, in a number of configurations. Usually it is set up in a donut shape, with 1/5 missing, to allow entrance into the center of the circle. Above the clearing in the center of the table, a dual purpose hanging fixture doubles as lighting, as well as a holographic projector, for tactical briefings. The room is unique in that it is uses its space very economically, like everything else on the ship. When two rooms are needed, instead of one large room, the briefing table can be split into two identical pieces, which then can either be quickly dismantled and stored in in-floor compartments, or moved to the sides of the room. A holographic wall, with a sound-barrier force-field can also be created. Most of the time, however, the room is kept in it's single-space configuration.

The walls of the room have slide-away panels which reveal displays, used for mission briefings, or in formal settings, showing off computer-generated art. The front 1/3 of the wall is all windows, which look out over the front hull of the Phoenix. The turbolift is at the back of the room, and is the only entrance.

Above the conference room is where the Captain and XO's ready rooms are. The ready room deck, however, cannot be accessed by the turbolift. In the bridge module, the turbolift only accesses the bridge and conference room. The only way to the ready room deck is to go to the bridge, and then take a staircase, which is behind the main viewer, to the level of the ready rooms. There are entrances to the staircase on either side of the main viewer. The two sides of the staircase meet on a landing, which shifts the direction of the staircase 90 degrees towards the interior of the ship. If standing on the landing, the captain's ready room is located on the right, and uses approximately 3/5 of the deck's available space. The first officer's ready room uses the other 2/5 of the deck's available space. Both ready rooms share a common bathroom.