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It is difficult to define the Orman Group with a single term. It is all of these things at once:

  • Multi-generational group marriage family (the specific term they use is 'line family'.)
  • Research group/think-tank specialising in computing with a focus in artificial intelligence.
  • School/lab for the education of the family's children & for outsiders who qualify.
  • Corporation promoting and protecting all of the family members' assets and contributions.


The Orman Complex is part of a larger set of semi-underground research complexes, collectively called Ganymede Research Centre. The Centre is located in the Perrine Regio of Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. The Orman Complex itself takes up about 2 hectares of the 34 hectare Centre.


All of the Orman Group members have their own specialisations, but there are certain commonalities that the group focuses on:

  • Cybernetics
  • Expert Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Computational Creativity
  • Holoprogramming


Members of note:

  • Founders:
    • Tamma Orman
    • Ian Orman
    • Lloyd Orman
    • Jane Orman
    • Xanna Orman
    • Masakhane Orman
  • Major contributers/Well-known in their fields:
    • Mark Orman
    • Kadiatu Orman
    • Wazini Orman
    • Mags Orman
    • Jan Orman
    • Simon Orman
    • Helen Orman
    • Nigel Orman
  • Not members but closely associated & notable: