Hayt Ivrel

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Hayt Ivrel


  • Full Name: Unknown, went by Hayt Ivrel
  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Science Officer briefly, then Chief Medical Officer
  • Ships: USS Freedom-A, USS Indria-A
  • Highest Rank Attained: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Unknown Multidimensional Alien

  • Height: 5'4
  • Eye color: Crystal-blue
  • Hair Color: Brown going to grey
  • Birthplace: A different universe

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There is little on record about the being known as Hayt Ivrel. There is evidence that a great deal of information used to exist, but was comprehensively removed some years back. As a result, most of what is on record comes from word of mouth, and there is little of that as well; most of those who knew Ivrel seem reluctant to speak of it.

Race and Origin

Ivrel claimed to be a multidimensional alien being from another universe, who arrived here by accident sometime in the 2350s. It appears to have been a parallel dimension of some sort, as he was known to speak of the humans of his universe. However, it was clear that a great deal of history and even some physical laws were different where he came from. Sources agree that he was possessed of temporal technology and other hyperadvanced devices, and understood their workings, implying that his species was at a higher technological level than most alpha quadrant species. He laid claim to over three hundred years of age at several points, making his species extremely long-lived.


Ivrel appeared outwardly human. He was somewhat short in stature, male and appearing to be in his late 30s or early 40s, with greying brown hair and blue eyes.


His physical strength was said to be equivalent to a Vulcan of his size and build. He was known to have some telepathic ability, but was rarely known to use it. All reports agree that he possessed a genius level of intelligence and was highly skilled and possessed of a near-encyclopedic knowledge in areas as varied as physics, medicine, earth history, engineering, psychology, hand-to-hand combat, musical performance, animal husbandry, painting, and food preparation. A wide and eclectic range of other abilities are rumoured, but no confirmation of anyone actually witnessing any of them has come to light.


Bipolar is the word most chiefly used by those who knew him; he was prone to bouts of extreme enthusiasm and to pits of melancholia. Likewise, he displayed a great deal of egotism and an impression of superiority, yet was able to identify or empathise with others.


Ivrel took residence in the Orman Complex at Ganymede Research Base around 2360 and remained there until 2372 as a friend of the Orman Group. It is hotly denied that he ever aided them in their work. In 2373 he began service in Starfleet, having apparently successfully faked Starfleet Academy records rather than actually attending. He served on the Freedom-A under Captain Jeff Pelletier until late 2375, when he was transferred to the Indria-A. His career on that ship lasted less than a year, and very little is known after that. Reports say that he left our universe in the late 2370s. His last known rank is Lieutenant Commander.

Known Relationships

  • The Orman Group considers him family. He was said to have been instrumental in the raising of Katy Orman, now herself a Starfleet officer.
  • He was once best friends with Admiral Shaun Marlin (retired), when the latter was a Lieutenant Commander and they both served aboard the Freedom-A and later the Indria-A.
  • He had a serious romantic relationship with Commander Sally Strange (retired) when the latter was a Lieutenant Commander and they both served aboard the Freedom-A and later the Indria-A. The relationship ended for reasons unrevealed.